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S9+ Good audio

Little Feat - Oh Atlanta

DDJ on

Happy New Year

Weak here. Fading in and out over the noise level.

S9 with very good audio.

Clearance Carter - Back Door Santa

Merry Christmas

S8 with some fading. Fair audio

Steve Lukather - The Christmas Song

Thanks for the show, and Merry Christmas

S9 with slightly distorted audio. Some QRM

Easy Pal image before the music started

Josh Smith - What We Need

S9 with good audio

Sonsombre -Buried
0059 A Cloud Of Ravens  - This Qickening

SSTV - Damn Skippy
OM ID Death Rock Radio

S9- with very good audio.

Metal Patriots - Yellow Rose Of Texas

Thanks for the show.

S9 with fair audio

Commercial for Vampire Playgirls.
Some QRM
0232 Fading badly. Barely audible now
0248 OM ID WEAK Radio

S8 with good audio

Buckethead - Northern Lights

Thanks for the show.

S8 with good audio

Little Richard - Tutti Fruiti
Fading badly at times

S8 with good audio

Max Richter -  On The Nature Of Daylight

Thanks for the show

S6 with good audio

Euzen - Phobia

S9 with fair audio.

We Will Mock You played twice.

S8 with good audio

Kraftwetk - Autobahn

Thanks for the show

S 9 with good audio. Some fading

The Cars - Hello Again
Thomas Doldy - She Blinded Me With Science

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