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S8 with fading.

Pretenders - Talk of the town

S8-9 with good audio

We Didn't Start The Virus

S7-8 with good audio

Little Richard - Kansas City

S8 with fading.

Jimmy Thackery - Jimmy's Detroit Boogie
0131 - ID over song. Unable to make it out.
0133 - ID Captain Morgan Shortwave
0133 - Jimmie Vaughn - Baby, Please Come Home.

Thanks for the show.

S 8 with good audio

David Gilmour - There's No Way Out Of Here

S9 + with good audio

Request - The Clarks - Better Off Without You
Thanks for playing a western PA love song.

Thanks for the show

S8 with fair audio. Some fading.

Pink Floyd - Is there Anybody Out There
Cool Am Radio ID
Modest Mouse - The Ground Walks With Time In A Box
2325 - Laurie Anderson - Only An Expert

S8 with good audio

Daft Punk - Robot Rock

S9 with good audio.

Man telling story about Billy Joe.

Nice strong signal here. Caught it just seconds before it went off.

0215 back on signal is weaker. S 8 with good audio.
Amos - Milburn - One Scotch One Bourbon, One Beer
0217 abruptly off and on.
Signal improved to S9 and faded down again.
Al Green - Love in Motion

S9 with good audio

The Black Keys - Fever

Thanks for the show.

S7-8 With fair audio and fading

John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers - Shortwave Radio
YL ID and CW Om ID. Unable to copy with the static.

Thanks for the Show

S8with fair audio despite fading

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

0124 - Off the air after howling.

In AM mode. S8 with fair audio and fading.

Kansas - Dust In The Wind

Thanks for the show.

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