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S9 signal through static crashes.  

O'Jays - For the Love of Money at 2358z.
JJ Cale - Cocaine at 0004.

About S7 here.

Tough copy through the static.

ID at 0012z.

S9 through the static crashes.

"Long Black Veil" at 2346z.

Thanks Radio Appalachia!

ZZ Top - Jesus Just Left Chicago at 0130z.

S9+ signal with moderate fading.

2336z,  S8 Signal with "Big Long Slidin' Thing".

ID with email at 2337.

S9+ signal.

Ghost Riders in the Sky at 0018z.  Email addy at 0020.

Theme from The Jeffersons played a few times.  Twangy Radio ID at 0211z.  Thanks for the corrected ID Harry!

S9 signal with pretty thin audio.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 14295 kHz AM 0035 28 May 2015
« on: May 28, 2015, 0122 UTC »
Got it here too, in and out of the noise.

"Yesterday" at 0119z, followed by announcer, possibly in Spanish.

S9 signal with nice audio.

Shazam says Gibbon by AFX.  XLR8 voiceover ID mid song.

Huge S9+20 signal.  "I Can't Have it Any Other Way" at 0020z.

Captain Morgan Shortwave ID at 0025.

S9+ at 2346z.  Kentucky Mandolin by Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.

I also have a carrier on 9275.3, about S6, with no discernible audio.

Edit: Weak music at 2334z.  WAZUshortwave@gmail.com  email at 2336.  Also hearing bits of The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today at 2338.  Rolling Stones - Let's Spend the Night Together at 2345.  Warren Zevon - Carmelita at 2355.  Signal is up and down, S6 at peaks, but lots of fades into the noise.  The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard at 2359.

Pretty good for a QRP signal!

Thanks Fearless Fred!

Hearing news report of Pearl Harbor at 0307z

About S7 signal.


About S6 here.

On at 0056z with "testing 1 2 3" interval signal, into "Sweet Georgia Brown".

S9+20 signal with the usual spectacular audio.

Thanks Wolverine!

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