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About S8 here at 0018z with The Rolling Stones - Dear Doctor.  Tom Petty - Into the Great Wide Open at 0027.

ID with email addy at 0030.

S9+20 at sign on.

DJ Dickweed announcing a show dedicated to MILFs for mothers day.  Into a song by The Do, per the announcer.

0021z - Off with problems...back on at 0024, Dickweed says thermal overload problems.

S9 tonight, nice audio.

Ten Years After - The Stomp at 0001z.

Thanks for the show!

XLR8 ID at 0415z, into a jazz/fusion type tune.  A.I.R. (All India Radio) by Carla Bley & Paul Haines at 0420, per Shazam.

About an S8 -S9 signal here with occasional fades.

Thanks XLR8!

Pretty weak signal.  Can tell that it's punk music, but too weak to ID anything or catch a station ID.  Seems to be off at 0027z.

Strong signal here, S9+20 with little fade.

Youngbloods - Get Together at 0350z.

S9+10 signal.

Canned Heat - On the Road Again at 0126z.

Thanks Wolverine!

S9+10 tonight.

Eagles - Take it Easy at 0030z.  Brewer & Shiply - One Toke Over the Line at 0033.

Thanks Poet!!

S8 on peaks but frequent fades down to S6.

Cat Stevens - Peace Train at 1307z.  Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die at 1310.

Thanks Z!

About S8 here.

0027z - "This is the Voice of Pearl Harbor now signing on."  then into 1940's type music.
0030z - In The Mood (or maybe Skip was right, might have been Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy..)
Nope, had it right the first time, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy at 0040z.

S9+10at 0034z.  Def Leppard - Bringing On The Heartbreak.

Same here, for a posting on HFU.  Thanks Z, glad to see your 4 watts made it to NC!

S9 signal, but tough copy due to +20 crashes from local t-storms.

Alice Cooper - Elected at 0000z.

Thanks Z!

S9+20, the usual quality signal from Wolverine.

0118z - The Young Rascals - I've Been Lonely Too Long.

Thanks Wolverine!

S9+ with minor fading.

"Stormy Weather" at 0020z.  ID with email addy at 0029.

Thanks RC!

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