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Rock tune at 0021z. 

Signal peaks at S9 but lots of fades down to about S6 -S7.

S9+10 at 0002z with ambient type music.

Thanks for the show!

About S6 here.  Children of the Sun - Billy Thorpe at 2340z,  followed by Space Truckin' - Deep Purple.

Decent signal through the static crashes.

ID with email at 0136z.

Thanks BJR!

Fair signal here amidst the static crashes.

Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil at 0017z.

About S8 - S9 here with a cover of "Delilah" at 2318z.  Loon call and ID at 2320.
Thanks Northwoods!

Just caught the tail end of the show.  Cover version of "Rockin' in the Free World", then ID and SSTV.

About S8 here this morning.

Here too, playing The Platters - Twilight Time at 0314z.

About S6 signal.

Big S9+20 signal.

Playing REM - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight at 0133z.

S9+10 at 0125z.  "I've Got That Feeling"  ID at 0127.

Weak music here.  Not enough Signal to ID anything, although I can tell that it's electronic dance music.

I have this here as well.  Signal level is about the same as the previous UNID on 6935, I'm thinking it is the same station with a change of musical genre.

Shazam says Shine a Light by The C90s.

I missed it the first time, but on at 2253z with Sam Cooke again, then Lloyd Williams - Shout, followed by 4 Tops-I Can't Help Myself at 2302.
Wilson Pickett - Land of 1000 Dances at 2303.

About S7.

General Radio Discussion / Running Android apps on a Windows PC
« on: May 14, 2015, 0304 UTC »
My cheap Android tablet died tonight while listening to XLR8.  Rather than make a late night run to Wal-Mart, I decided to see if there was a way to run Shazam on a Windows PC.  After a bit of searching, I found an Android emulator for Windows  called BlueStacks App Player.  Downloaded and installed it, logged into the Play Store with my Google account, and installed the Shazam app.  Everything worked perfectly and I was able to ID most of the obscure music that XLR8 played tonight.

Although I have only used it to run Shazam, the BlueStacks web site claims that it will run 96% of the Android apps out there. YMMV.


Nice 9+10 tonight.

"Shit Creek" by The Bad Livers at 0050z.

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