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At 0100utc sharp, I heard a Grateful Dead tune, now hear a tune I can't ID, fair/poor.

poor with static in NE IL, song "roam if you want to", does R F Whatever have an email address? (edit) Thanks DimBulb for their email address which is dickweeddj@gmail.com (2nd edit) I just emailed him and it hasn't bounced back yet. (3rd edit) there are 2 station audible on 6925 now, at about equal audio level. One is playing patriotic music with reduced bandwidth (SSB?) and there is rock/pop from R F Whatever.   

Crystal Ship, 6950.68am, came on at about 0158utc, fair here in NE IL, patriotic rock ballad, story of old man on bench talking about flag possibly narrated by J Cash, a Sousa march, the tune "Yankee Doodle", now a reading of "we hold these truths etc". (edit) that sounds like JFK reading that. Now J Airplane "Volunteers of America". (edit) W Guthrie "this land is your land", another Sousa march, J Horton "battle of New Orleans", I emailed him just now at tcsshortwave@gmail.com (3rd edit) freq drifted down to 6950.64, now playing old 60's tune "soldier boy". (4th edit) just came back from 6925am and now hear Dylan "with god on their side", signal also getting weaker.

Turned on set at 0132utc, hear bits of audio including punk rock or heavy metal, poor due to static, would be better without static. (edit) Johnny Cash "I walk the line" at 0213utc.

Tuned in at 0101utc and hear what sounds like Soviet or eastern European choir singing patriotic songs, fair/poor, static, now hear SSTV/FAX at 0107utc. (edit) funny picture (see below) by myteaquinn captured by SSTV/FAX from end of broadcast, I'd like to have a car like that, ha-ha.

Tuned in at 0043utc, hear soft rock/pop under tons of static from storms in area. I had to select narrow filter. Tried ssb but not as good.

0123utc, poor, tons of static, storms in area but not close to me, was able to just barely hear ID, various rock/pop tunes.

I can detect the carrier with SSB mode but I can't hear much audio.

Poor under much static here in NE Illinois. Sounds like the old KXKVI or Undercover Radio.

0153utc, big band, jazz, blues tunes about morning, now playing woman singing "when I woke up this morning" accompanied by blues piano, poor with much static. Edit, SSTV/FAX at 0250utc, off at 0252utc.

turned on Drake at 0110utc, heard rock music, then vocalists singing "happy trails to you", sed WFUQ free radio cafe, then goodbye. 2nd lower sideband stn recently, 1st I heard was unid back on 5-26-13.

2154utc, fair/poor with fading, s-on with USSR national anthem(?), then Ramones: "hey ho lets go", song: "I'm burnin' for you", sed "reception reports from Chicago, from Virginia, from all over US", I presume via hfunderground since I didn't hear an email address given out. I didn't catch name of DJ.

0232utc on 6925usb, heard heavy metal version of US national anthem but by somebody other that Jimi Hendrix. I still had radio on but I had turned off the computer last night, sorry for late post.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNid 6950A. 0112z 5-26-13
« on: May 26, 2013, 0132 UTC »
at 0131 hear faint carrier when using ssb mode. In am mode hear occasional bits of music under static.

Tuned in at 0109utc, good/fair, now song "particle man(?). Off at 0125utc. Gave email address of aatwradio@gmail.com, I sent email, hasn't bounced yet.

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