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SINPO 35434
0207 Rain by the beatles.
0209 Paper Back writer

Shortwave Broadcast / LRA36, 15.476 MHz, @2153 UTC, 11 March 2023
« on: March 11, 2023, 2205 UTC »
Possible  LRA 36 at 2153 UTC continues on 15.746 USB on the noise floor. Can any one confirm here?
Mostly male talk until:
2221 Male singing
2253 new male voice (higher in tone than the other male that has been speaking)
2254 back the the low tone male voice
2252 Signal is improving
2253 music with some chimes and male talking over the music
2336 Signal continues to improve!

Thx, Olddxer 

I hate to but I am selling my Drake R8B. The reputation of this radio for being a very worthy DXing machine is well known. The R8B is rated as one of the very best implementations of Sync lock!

It has a VHF converter but I have never used it. The previous owner (I am the second owner) said the converter worked just fine.
Again, just a great radio! In great shape. Sorry, no external speaker.
I will be happy to email a few photos to any serious buyer. I am asking $800.00 for it.

Long live Pirate Radio,

For Sale / Wanted / Barter / Re: Sell diodes, and save the USCG!
« on: April 01, 2022, 1345 UTC »
Interesting, sad, and, funny all at the same time!

Try to down size so I am selling my much loved NRD-515 with matching speaker.
The radio is fully functional with some scrapes nicks and dings reflective its age.

Filters in the radio:
6 kHz (am)
3 kHz (SSB)
Collins 526-9694-010 9 kHz (wide AM)
Collins 526-9690-010 Unknow bandwidth probably a .5 kHz for CW reception
The Kiwi audio mode has been installed

Asking $800 if you are interested I might come down a bid.

Photos are available to any serious would be buyer.

Many Thanks,


2328 S5-S7 fair signal with fading signal and noise floor
2330 "When the Night is Over"
2333 "Scar"
2335 "Lemon Glow"
2340 "Closer than This"
2344 "Obsession"


S9+ into central Ohio

0146 Got to be Funky
0150 twilight zone Captain Morgan shortwave ID
0151 off air

S7 a little fade and little or no noise into central Ohio
0013 Whiskey in the bottle
0014 All Along the Watch Tower (U2)
0018 Lawyers Guns and Money
0025 Another Day in Paradise
Great signal very low noise floor

Big clean signal into central Ohio
2334 Flight of the bumble bees
2335 montage of classical music
2340 ID with jingle
Female ID
2345 William Tell Overture
2350 male opera
2354 female ID
2355 2001 theme
Another day in Paradise
0033 Long Cool Woman
Very nice clear signal here with a very low noise floor
0036 CCR, The Midnight Special

0014 Po-Dunk
0019 Female Radio 48 ID

Good signal S7 little or no noise.

0009 Fight the Good Fight
0011 Silent Lucidity

Faint into Central Ohio
0020 Op reading name of listeners
0022 I Drink Alone
0026 James Dean ..Rock On
Radio Madness
Shout out to Olddxer   Hey SYCKO! long time no see!
Signal climbs above the noise floor!
I have all kind of frequencies fly around
Mentioned Radio Cat
0040 The Gambler
0043 Radio Waves
0047 SYCKO Radio
Don't Stop Believin
0054 Mexican Radio
Still holding your own above the nose Floor on my R8B

General Radio Discussion / When do you listen?
« on: December 16, 2019, 1530 UTC »
I am just wondering when folks listen for pirates. It seems there are a few that might monitor almost 24 hr a day. I am sure that many that have jobs and can not listen at 8-5 during the week. Others may have part time jobs or are retired.


So, how about specifying the time frame that you most often listen. Feel free to break the times into smaller increments if you like. If you use automation to montior during one time slot and live during another that would be helpful as well.


Funny you should mention the Haitians. Here's what Commissioner Starks had to say...

Good find, Glad to see that someone up there is thinking about that. Thanks for posting.

Cool post. Thanks

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