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10/11 meters / 11 meter / CB opening 6 August 2019
« on: August 07, 2019, 1032 UTC »
Recorded yesterday afternoon around 6:30pm local time (2230 UTC)

Lots of AM activity on in-band legal 40 CB channels on several online SDRs, and the usual freeband frequencies, 26.665 MHz, 26.685 MHz, 26.716 MHz, 26.735 MHz, 26.775 MHz, 26.785 MHz, 26.805 MHz, 26.815 MHz, 26.835 MHz, 26.885 MHz, 26.915 MHz, 26.925 MHz, 27.425 MHz LSB, 27.435 MHz LSB, 27.465 MHz LSB, 27.505 MHz AM, 27.525 MHz AM, 27.605 MHz LSB, 27.615 MHz AM, 27.665 AM, 27.745 MHz AM and 27.775 MHz AM.

In-band the usual suspects in AM mode: channel 6 (27.025 MHz), channel 11 (27.085 MHz), channel 12 (27.105 MHz), channel 15 (27.135 MHz), channel 19 (27.185 MHz), channel 20 (27.205 MHz), channel 22 (27.225 MHz), channel 26 (27.265 MHz), channel 28 (27.285 MHz), etc.  SSB DX on channel 37 (27.375 MHz LSB), channel 39 (27.395 MHz LSB), channel 40 (27.405 MHz LSB, with AM mixing in, of course)...and, naturally, channel 38 (27.385 MHz LSB) was very busy.

Locally there was a lot of activity on 11 meters...including channel 38 LSB booming in at points.  I got three videos, with three different radios!

Galaxy DX 959


CRE 8900 (aka DR-135CB)


Superstar 3900 (aka a dozen other names and models)


Note the activity on 27.435 MHz LSB, midwestern accents on 27.435 LSB and several other SSB frequencies/channels, including channel 38 LSB / 27.385 MHz LSB.  On the second video (the CRE 8900) I caught some CB operators using R/C channel 19A - 27.195 MHz - for AM voice communications.  Channel 19 was messy, which explains use of the +10 kHz switch.  27.195 is pretty popular.

I actually make a point of dropping the RF gain down while monitoring 27.025 AM on the Galaxy 959.  I had to adjust the RF gain on the CRE 8900 just a bit to reduce some of the background noise...sometimes that radio (itís an early production version) does better with the RF gain at 75% or 80% instead of 100%.  I was able to drop the RF gain all the way down and still hear the stations on channel 6. 

8210 kHz USB 8.210 MHz USB, ITU 8 MHz marine channel 806 (ship transmit frequency).  Yes, this is a legit marine frequency.  Spanish language chatter, general laid-back CB-like talk.  At least two OMs talking, heard mention of la pez.  At 2102 UTC, a third station tried to break into the QSO...with the usual "HOLA HOLA HOLA!" - now the other stations are letting him into the net.  Nice conditions on 8 MHz this afternoon.

Via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Also known as the "yachtman's net" (among other frequencies, including 4003 kHz USB, there are several of these nets).  OMs talking about sailing conditions, where they're currently located, weather, etc.  Some variation in signals, but that's to be expected.  Stations IDing by name of their vessel. 

8152 kHz USB 8.152 MHz USB 8 MHz marine band frequency.  Received via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR. 

Peskies / 8155 kHz USB - Spanish Chatter 2055 UTC 19 July 2019
« on: July 19, 2019, 2055 UTC »
Right next to the 8152 kHz USB marine frequency where the Yachtmen's nets operate.  Several OMs yakking away in Spanish.  Likely marine users given the frequency and band.  Yes, this is a legit 8 MHz marine band - maritime mobile service frequency!

8155 kHz 8.155 MHz 8155 USB

Received via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Middle to upper end of 7 MHz into 8 MHz, lots of SSB QSOs in progress this afternoon/early evening.  Spanish heard on 7900 kHz USB and 7930 kHz USB.  There are likely other frequencies active...They like this little band between 40 meter amateur/41 meter broadcasting and the 8 MHz fixed/mobile, marine and aeronautical bands. 


7765 kHz USB 7.765 MHz USB, weak Spanish language chatter

Peskies / 7752 kHz USB UNID Language 2045 UTC 19 July 2019
« on: July 19, 2019, 2048 UTC »
7752 kHz USB 7.752 MHz USB (there seems to be another set of stations underneath them, maybe on 7750 kHz)

At first I thought it was Italian, but this might be Portuguese.  Heard via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  I'm going to go 50/50 on Italian or Portuguese?  Not sure.  Notable background noise. 

Via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Two truckers talking about trucking-related topics, buying fuel, several mentions of "rollbacks".  "I'm going back to Waynesboro." "Tell nobody" at 2115 UTC.  "95 bucks".  Both have roger beeps and have good modulation.  Noted fading but readable.  The band might be waking up a bit....now (at 2116 UTC) I'm seeing and hearing AM voice traffic on 27.505 MHz, 27.565 MHz, 27.575 MHz, 27.755 MHz...with some SSB popping up too around 27.5 MHz to 27.6 MHz. 

10/11 meters / 11 meters is active 2100 UTC 18 July 2019
« on: July 18, 2019, 2114 UTC »

26715 AM - 26.715 MHz AM is very busy at the moment (2110 UTC) as I type this, hearing OMs on top of each other...ONE TWO ONE TWO ONE TWO and a couple other English words, but mostly Spanish, as to be expected on 26.715 AM.

At 2112 UTC, hearing an OM talking about buying gas on 27.665 MHz AM.  Now, another station replying to him.  Both stations have roger beeps.  Mention of "rollback" as well.  I'm pretty sure these stations are truckers talking on 27.665 MHz AM.  At 2113 UTC, AM voice (also truckers) noted on 27.575 MHz. 

The two stations on 27665 AM are on 27664.9 and 27664.4.  Good thing they're running AM and not SSB! 

26.905 MHz and 26.915 MHz have some activity on them as well.  The legal 40 CB channels have lots of activity as well.  All appear to be domestic US stations.  As to be expected, 27.025 MHz, 27.085 MHz, 27.265 MHz and 27.285 MHz are all wall-to-wall with AM voice DX activity.  27.385 MHz LSB are also active.

**EDIT**      I modified the title to show just July 2019 VHF / NOAA Weather Radio ducting discussion





From this morning, roughly 0645 to 0655 local time (US east coast), I was able to hear activity on all 7 NOAA Weather Radio NOAA WX frequencies, with all except the local station having multiple signals at once.  162.400 and 162.550 seemed to have three stations going at various points.   The band does appear to be open to one degree or another every morning, but this morning was an extreme example. 

With the tell-tale insanely awesome big bandwidth and audio.

Mix Radio International on 49 meters!  6019 kHz USB 6.019 MHz USB

6930.2 kHz AM

Carrier came on shortly after WREC signed off

Dead carrier for about 10 minutes, then SSTV at 2152 UTC, another SSTV at 2154 UTC

Off at 2201?

6545.4 kHz sounds too high, 6545.3 sounds too low, but 6545.4 makes more sense.  Portuguese chatter heard this afternoon via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR. 

10/11 meters / 11 meters is active 1715 UTC 12 July 2019
« on: July 12, 2019, 1756 UTC »
Posting this a little late but during my lunch break I heard some skip activity on the legal 40 CB channels, of course channel 6 (27.025 MHz) was busy, as well as several others.  Channel 38 LSB - 27.385 MHz LSB was also active.  Likely more sporadic-E propagation enhancement.  According to DXMaps.com, both 10 meters and 6 meters are active on the US East Coast with E-skip activity, so it would make sense for 11 meters to be open too.

10/11 meters / 27.300 MHz LSB 27300 LSB 2101 UTC 10 July 2019
« on: July 10, 2019, 2103 UTC »
Two OMs chatting in between channels 29 and 30 (27.295 MHz and 27.305 MHz respectively).  One of those secret channels, 27.300 MHz.

"you've done well, my friend" heard at 2101 UTC.  Weak signals, but they're definitely there.  LSB mode.  Heard on COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

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