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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6935U, 09012013, 0258utc,s9
« on: September 01, 2013, 0323 UTC »
Rough conditions but still punching through at s5-s7. Thanks for show.

Dub Step on USB?! Haha definitely a first for me but very nice. S9 copy here with thumping bass.

S9+ Rock on comrades!! I love it.

Picking you up on my Sony portable with just the whip indoors and sounding very nice in DELMARVA area, home of RFW

Sounds 60's Psychedelic. Far out man! About S8-S9 here.

Thats a lot of echo comrade!
Good show though.

Thanks for the report radio comrades! Thank you very much for your YouTube video Poet!

Heard someone sign on right after me. So far heard Smash Mouth, Billy Idol, the Vapors, and Robert Palmer but cant make out ID S5 here just above noise. "This is radio ________" and Santana after.

Its "Man Cave Radio" im pretty sure. S9 here in the motherland comrades.

I hear "mancave radio". Is it an Echo One spinoff?

They must not catch too many fish if they spend all day talking about women and nightlife on LSB! HA! Well, comrades it has been my pleasure to play radio for you. We used modulation meter with transmitter to adjust compression and processing tonight. We had been getting "good but low" modulation reports almost every show and wanted to try to fix it. To us it sounds a little over cooked on our monitor but we are getting front end over-load. We pad down and sound little better but still can't tell how it sounds to you in the distance. Good to get many recording from you comrades. We keep working on it! Thanks for your support, we appreciate you all.

Dick Weed and Steven

What is pesc? Steven and i are still learning the abbreviations for things sw. Ah, ok you mean those guys that never seem to stop talking on LSB. I get it.

Okay maybe better now? I think thats all we can do without distorting. Assistant steven is vigorously cranking on many knobs and sliders while i chain smoke.

Assistant Steven is testing various audio settings. Please bear with us! Would appreciate comments to help adjust. We have low level mod. Transmitter so wont be super loud but we want wide and clean.

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