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Since its a Brit band I know you must be right Alt. Its that Yankee VS Brit english thing. Go have a biscuit and a fag. ;D

Don't sweat the small stuff Danger Kitty. If you heard something I believe you, but I'm saying it wasn't me. Perhaps you did hear another station for just a brief moment. Regardless, im just glad theres nobody in close quarters for me to piss off. lol
Thanks for posting me in the first place so people know I'm skybound. I appreciate all of you posters out there for inspiration to do shows.

Hey pigmeat, at least the mouse droppings are definitely 100% renewable energy! Power to the planet!

okay thanks for the heads up mdk2 I'll move immediately! ;D 8)

give it a few mins...it'll get better

relocated to 4.185

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