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Slowly humping it's way out of the noise and above to s7, s8 with an eclectic mix of songs

Booming most extremely at s9+20 here in my bunker. Had to put you on the studio monitors cuz it sounds good.

 Let me know what you think of this T-shirt print design and if you'd possibly be interested in one. Thanks comrades!

Hearing weak music at the noise floor. Was on for at least 8 mins before I posted. Can't quite make out what it is.

S9+10 with good clear audio at the bunker. Listening while taking in a baseball game. Thanks for the show! Very good selections.

S9+ at the bunker with "no more I love you's"

Sounds good.

S8 for me and enjoying the show. Very chill and relaxing.

Sounds very good. S9 sig and nice clean audio and no noise!

Hearing rock music but I can't quite make it out. I did hear Heart-Magic man earlier. Right at my noise level about S3

Sounded excellent from the little bit I could scoop up. Big s9 peaks but lots of deep fading here and then poof. Nothing.

I didn't get to hear it. This sounded like a much older show from the recording. No idea who it was but the MixLR archive allows anyone to rebroadcast the shows.

Thanks to the radio comrade that put us on!

I think this is WTF. Sounds exactly the same for me."Kenneth" sounds smooth as silk like a late night smooth jazz DJ on the mic.

Glad you're back! Still booming s9+ 15 for me. No don't sign off! There will only be noisy static to listen to!

Sounding good comrade! s9+20 at the bunker and I like all the tracks. Good selections. Hopefully I helped you find some of these  ;D

I think I heard a shout out to RFW! Thanks!

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