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Comrade! What gives? You cant turn your knob up 5khz and avoid stepping on everyone? If you cant change freq. I understand. Send me a message or something and I'll gladly move for you. Pirates for peace and a free voice channel for everyone!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Zeke 6925 USB 2233 UTC 5 SEP 2022
« on: September 05, 2022, 2358 UTC »
Greetings radio comrade! I'm enjoying your show. Rare occasion I have time to listen. Your bunker sounds much roomier. Thanks for good entertainment!

Hey thank you, now that's very flattering! An RFW playlist. That's what my mission is here, to get folks discovering this stuff.

hey thank u!

keep getting conflicting audio reports so not sure what to do

The t-shirt fundraiser was a limited run. RFW will eventually make a new one so get one when they come out.

That's great i just dont know where the corn desert is! Iowa? midwest i suppose.

thanks syk! let me know if its better!

Great sounding when conditions allow. I didn't realize how sketchy the band is tonight. Fades from s7 down to about s2. Keep Rockin comrade!

Unfortunately, my dated 2.4 ghz network card appeared to have bit the dust right in the middle of the show. It no longer was obtaining an IP address and no amount of reboots or resets fixed it. :'( Alas, I must get a new network card or a really long ethernet cable. Until next time do whatever! Thanks for listening.

Tis I djdickweed, doing a brief test of new amplifier.

ok got it Badfish!

Broadcast Announcements / RFW on 4.185
« on: August 21, 2021, 2350 UTC »
shutting down momentarily :'(
ok maybe not. I can be heard apparently.

Listening out on my porch with the little Malachite and a magic whip. Its fading in and out about s3 to s7, but happy to have a show to listen to during dinner.

NEW Bunker Hotline is 302-689-6307!

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