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live stream: radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com

Eating my dinner after signing off and enjoying your show. S9+20 With some fades and every so often some utility station QRM or digital messages over top of the music.

i Skeedattled down to 4.185 USB for those that had trouble hearing the show

I enjoyed the show as much as you folks. Simpler times. Great music and a legendary DJ. Proud to bring it to you. Perhaps I will again. Thanks for tuning in and helping with the reports and recordings.

Allright thanks Skipmuck!

Here I thought I had a great original idea to air this old stuff as my transmitter test! lol Nope. I was shocked 77LJS was already doing it and especially that we aired the SAME damn show. I mean c'mon! What are the odds?! I wouldn't believe me but its the honest truth guys. Crazy smh  ;D

Looks like the ATU was indeed the source of all my troubles on these lower frequencies. Swapped for higher power caps and inductors and not a single hiccup. Rock solid.

Yes that was me on 6950 earlier. Yesterday too. As hard to believe as this sounds yesterday I picked the exact same show that 77LJS decided to play also totally at random. Well, kind of. It was recommended in my You Tube feed, which made me pick it for a transmitter test. After seeing I was identified as 77LJS I checked the logs and found out we aired the same feed  :o :-[

I can get it in the ballpark here attenuated on my SDR but you really can't beat listener reports in the distance. Thanks again for helping.

ok Charlie...thanks for the report. Opened up the highs a little bit more. Any change?

Great to hear from everyone! I'm going to just let this show play out the whole way. It will likely fade out for most but its a great test for the station and heats the bunker too! Thanks Skipmuck for the recording! I'll check it out after.

Half a kilo!

Thanks for the input.

How is the audio comrades? We are optimizing everything including the audio. Please let us know how you think it sounds.

Many thanks, DW

Slowly humping it's way out of the noise and above to s7, s8 with an eclectic mix of songs

Booming most extremely at s9+20 here in my bunker. Had to put you on the studio monitors cuz it sounds good.

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