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Live studio feed is right here: https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3236109

Only if you haven't already, and can help us out please show your support at https://www.gofundme.com/f/radiofreewhatever

The support from everyone has been fantastic. BIG THANKS AND A HUG from DJ Dickweed for helping me live while I search for new employment while dealing my health issues!   :-\

live high quality studio stream can be found at : https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3215215

If you enjoy RFW please support us: https://www.gofundme.com/f/radiofreewhatever  and a HUGE thanks to everyone that has supported and helped in these harder times!

Bending my digital needle here bud.  s9++ Very nice audio that doesn't disappoint for SSB. Keep on Rockin.  8)

What's cool is I don't think I've ever heard this Rush song before. S9 at my bunker. Thanks for show.

Definitely drop freq to 6930-6945 to avoid the UTE. I can't hear anything else.

Good sounding BIG signal here. +20 I did a Wolverine tribute at the beginning of my show today! Thanks for the show radio comrade!

Who's the douchebag jammer? This female robo voice sounds hot! ;D S9+ here

This needs to be a weekly feature. Radio police psychologist sessions with Dr. Nelson! Love it.

You should play this on CB.....38 LSB.....for the ONEONEONEONEONEONEONE jammer! We need to find that guy and give him an ass whoopin.

Live stream from the studio: https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3197427

Thank you radio comrades for your unwaivering support! Please help support RFW if you haven't already at :  https://gofundme.com/radiofreewhatever and thank you so much for your help! :'( :)

I have a strong s-9 here but the deviation is narrow banded and on the higher pitched side for audio tonal quality. Cool experiments though. I'm receiving at 16 KHz wide btw. It sounds better when I reduce my filter to 9KHz.

Listen to our live stream at https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3180949

Donate to help DJ Dickweed and the station during rough life happenings: https://www.gofundme.com/f/tw989d-free-radio-is-expensive


live audio from the bunker studio: https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3175103

RFW's new GOFUNDME! This helps us stay running with no income! PLEASE HELP and many thanks! https://gofund.me/937038db

Would moving up to 6955 help with the UTE? ok no....moved to 6945!

live stream available at: https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3155312

please help support us at https://cash.app/$radiofreewhatever

and again HUGE thanks to BIG AL for funding a month of streaming!

He is listening here:  https://radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com/events/3137480

please donate to keep our mixlr page alive! https://cash.app/$radiofreewhatever
UPDATE! Thank you SO much to BIG AL for your generosity. You paid for our next month of streaming!

Saw postings about Sternradio on 6968 and then *POOF*no more postings so I have no idea what's up. Maybe I drank too many beers. I guess someone revived an old post and put it at the top of the board, which made it look like it was happening currently.
Well, at the very least it gave me something to talk about lol.

Donations can be made on cash app at $radiofreewhatever

I use cash app because paypal does not allow me to stay anonymous. Many thanks to anyone that can contribute as I have lost my employment and every little bit helps!

Most of tonights show has now been archived for you if you wish to listen at radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com

live stream: radiofreewhatever.mixlr.com

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