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Listening on my new Russian Malahit sdr with Russian mini whip! About s6 to s8 at the bunker. Sounding good comrade! Thanks for show.

Quite a wild selection here, from ambient to old school rap to hardcore growling death metal. Interesting station! Been s9+ with occasional deep fades at the bunker for the last 40 mins or so.

Show very much enjoyed. Thank you comrade!

Thank you for the shout out Zeeky! I was super hungry so I went to get food but I heard you sign on and thanks for your compliment on my show. Sounding good at S9+ at the bunker.

0254:Hearing a QSO underneath your show. Sounds like a bunch of guys talking.
0302:SSTV over top your show
0307:Someone is blantantly jamming with all their might now! Yikes.

Thanks for the show Zeeky! Not sure what's up with all the trash on the freq. Crazy!

Testing here now comrades, will stay or move up or down depending on how postings are.

Broadcast Announcements / RFW on 4.020 usb again 2/14/21
« on: February 14, 2021, 2228 UTC »
testing reception for sequel show!

Requests are always welcome comrade! Thanks for catching me on.

Broadcast Announcements / RFW on 4.020 USB 2/13/2021
« on: February 13, 2021, 2229 UTC »
Yep. I'm trying to do a show comrades.

Broadcast Announcements / RFW live on 5150
« on: November 27, 2020, 2210 UTC »
Locked and loaded comrades! Having a lot of internet dropouts though. May not be able to mainatain a show today. we'll see.

Broadcast Announcements / RFW live on 5150
« on: October 11, 2020, 2047 UTC »
yep I moved here to see if its any better

Broadcast Announcements / RFW live on 4185
« on: August 16, 2020, 2317 UTC »
I'm on 4185 USB now radio comrades!

This is ME!!! I went down to 4.185 USB now to do show.

Sounding really really good comrade!!! ;D S9 here

Shifted to 4.195 USB! Let me know if this is better and if you have any interference or issues here.

After signing off I'm hearing another station on this frequency in USB and I swear I heard the OM say "DJ Dickweed" but maybe I'm just having a nervous breakdown and imagining it. Is anyone else hearing any of this? The signal was very very faint. Sub S unit level and almost not there....fading on the fringe.

Another VORW relay is about to start! VORWinfo@gmail.com for reports/requests

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