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S9+ 10 solid. Sounding good. Makin my own SDR porn and I like your girthy waveform.

AT&T calling people to tell them they have no calls. lol Followed by Lenny Kravitz, American Woman 00:34 s3 but fully copyable. Thanks for the show!

Wow this is a strong peskie party at +30 here! Now I crave Mexican. Gotta get a burrito.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 8055 AM 2346 UTC 8/17/16
« on: August 18, 2016, 0031 UTC »
Late to posting but I did hear most of this starting at S3 and near the end it peaked around S9. Sounded good. Thanks for the show!

s7-9 Good deal Capt Morgan. Like the music selection. Thanks for the show. I'm streaming you live on MixLR.

Between s5 and s7 here. loud audio. Thanks for the show Jackhammer.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 AM 0002 UTC 8/15/16
« on: August 15, 2016, 0016 UTC »
Hey....sounding real good here. S9. I'm streaming it live on my MixLR page. Thanks Azimuth for the show!

WOW! I don't know who's doing the relaying but it sounds great here! S9 with excellent audio. Thank you for relaying this whoever it is.Oh and don't forget to get your Radio Free Whatever T shirts before time runs out.


Hey Jim-MN this isn't a live show. Its a relay of a MixLR show I did a week or so ago. Otherwise I'd be happy to play your request.

03:23 and some deep fades but still holding at S9!
03:29 S5 now and dropping, but fighting hard
03:58 S5 and getting easier to hear. noise is going down.
04:34 and it's back up at s9???? like HOW? Live and Horse coming through clear as a bell

Late to posting but I heard this pretty good at about s7 to s9 in N DE. Enjoyed the show. Thanks.

s9 at my home in beautiful N DE comrade! Great audio. Great show too. I dig this instrumental stuff.

Utility / Unid 6946.3 AM 00:25 UTC 7.28.16
« on: July 28, 2016, 0027 UTC »
Really strong s9+ carrier here but no audio yet. Maybe that annoying UTE? If so, scram! This is important free radio bandwidth here. Nerve of some people....geez.

 0024 S5 with super mario theme
 0041 hearing phone calls but can't really make out the words above the noise. :(
 0052 signal improving up to s6ish.
 Good to hear weekday show. Thanks for show.
01:02 angry metal song for the motherland noted
01:05 some red hip hop (yeah what Skipmuck says right down there) VVVV
01:13 Sounds like raggae
01:22 signed off

good show comrade! at the end you were at S7

0132 Im still hearing traces of hip hop here in N DE. Heard Biggie Small and its now faded down to S3. Cant make out what it is.

I hear an OM buried in noise. That's about it.

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