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Sounds like me? Nahhhh.

Good strong signal comrade. Show much appreciated. Love the pretty lady pictures. Makes me want to hop a plane to Nevada and visit a brothel!

Awww yeah back for more of dis good sh*t my homie. Comin' in solid with an s5 and low noise. You fly. I feel you. just sittin back relaxin and sippin my colt 45 yo. Off at 0300 just in time for some sparkin poppin and crashin from storms. Its like Shawshank Redemption up in here!

s4 here but coming through nice. Weed, Dick Weed. Awww Yeah Mutha....nevermind. It's Hip Hop from da motherland! Mad props my nig.
01:18 Is Alex Jones coming on? Oh no that's the Empires March theme from Star Wars, that's right.

How about great well known Russian group Tatu and "all the things she said" comrade?

Music barely there in the noise, which is s-3 to s5 atm. Sounds very flutey. Like oriental stuff.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6955 usb 336z 7/18/16
« on: July 18, 2016, 0344 UTC »
Was this me? Yes. I was doing a test. As Cradle Rock Radio. All your Van Halen Favorites on one great station! I guess people recognize even my overzealous DJ voice now. damn. I'm screwed. No secret radio identities anymore. :( Stavin has the audio processor setup with a hellacious delay so if my speech seemed weird like i was drunk or something...well yeah I was drunk, but thats not why I slurred my words. I was hearing my voice about a half second delayed through the headphones which is very strange. We will need to correct this.

MDK2 my suggestion is to start your OWN station! lol Glad you got that loop built. Is that what you use now? How does it compare to the wire you were using?

s5 and sounding nice floating above the noise. Thanks for the show.

I could hear a little bit of audio on usb and had a very weak carrier here but thats about it

Sounded great with a s9 to s5 signal the whole time here in N DE. Thank you for great show comrade!

I know nothing of this traitor to the motherland! Everyone knows if the anthem plays you get a show. Or at least a partial one. Perhaps it was someone other than I or Assistant Stavin testing at the new bunker? A rogue officer that had too much vodka I assure you. Shall it happen again the penalty will be severe. Assistant Stavin shall hang the perpetrator from the antenna! Then we will transmit a marathon show using their body as a groundplane! Ok no. We'll just tell em to not forget very important dummy load for transmitter testing.

Heard here at a noisy s5

Sounding good at s8 in northern Delaware. Thanks for the show radio comrade!

Thank you comrade. We are testing new bunker location and have no means to test microphone yet. Please give signal reports comrades

I like this. Been listening for last 15 mins comrade. Thanks for show. Nice AM. S9

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