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Find us continuing the show on www.mixlr.com! look for "djdickweed" and you got RFW streaming to you!

Potbellied bastard Assistant Stavin tripped over and broke my loop antenna. (Bent it in half) Tried tuning in without it and I hear just heavy noise.   >:(

Hearing spooky movie clip now fading in and out as I have salvaged the loop a little bit. Hearing the decemberists now with a song.

Awesome zombie news clip at 0:18

Very grateful for weekday show. Thanks comrades.

Show is being streamed on Mixlr as well. You can download an app for your phone or listen on your pc. I will repeat this show on there for those that would like to hear it again. Its totally free. Just search for "djdickweed" and you'll find us.

Show is now stored in "show reel" section.

Could everyone hear Mr Farley on the air ok?

00:37 Hearing Cusco and the old Art Bell Coast to Coast theme.

Hot s9+ thanks comrade

Other / Re: 6870 AM 23:20 UTC UNID
« on: September 09, 2015, 2327 UTC »
Probably Portuguese.  Its likely those peskie fishermen in the Azores.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6950u 8 Sept 2012 0123z
« on: September 08, 2015, 0202 UTC »
Enjoying this show. About s7. Low noise.

Big and beefy here. S9 +

Despite the high noise level tonight and bad propagation this is doing really well. Its s9 plus at RFW bunker, sounding great.

Really slamming the bunker at +30

Hmmm I don't hear a thing. Make up your mind dude! To pirate or not to pirate? I keep missing it.

About s7 and sounding good. Tuned in just as OM introed a song.

Toadies-possum kingdom...that's a great one I've not heard for a while.

Up to s9 at 23:25

Off at 0005? I thought I heard him say "we'll be right back" but it went silent.

All about disgusting big corporate media radio deals in Canada. Sounds like big money is buying up Canadian radio just as bad as the USA. I poop on corporate radio!

Hearing AC/DC here pretty good at s7. At 3:34 this station is booming in at s-9. Hearing No Doubt-Don't Speak now.

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