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We did E-QSL for a while but we got behind a little over a year ago and haven't since. We used to do nice personalized QSLs but it got tedious to do a dozen or so after shows...at least for me Mr. A.D.D. So I asked Assistant Stavin to do it. After all, HES THE FRIGGIN ASSISTANT. I produce each show myself in the studio. I spend hours listening and flagging new tunes to share on RFW. Surely just doing the QSLs would be an ok chore for Stavin...but then his computer crashed and then he got incarcerated, and then he had some mini strokes, and then he had biblical leprosy, uh herpes, I mean um...SHINGLES. Yada Yada Yada, one excuse after another. Yeah so he won't do them. I'm tired of disappointing people over the QSL thing so I have an idea. Maybe I can post a generic QSL on here for each show y'all can download. It's a hell of a lot easier to make one than like 10 or more per show.


See, I was right about having way more listeners than the current posters on hfu at the time of the show. Lots of late posts on this one but still appreciated! Now, by my estimates only 14, 000 people or so need to check in yet  ;D

I have it pretty good here. Tecsun PL880 says 34 dBU...I think that's like s9? Thanks for the show Ghost. We need more weeknight pirate radio action like this!

I want to thank you John and relayer for the great show!

A ha and Take On Me is cutting through the noise tonight. Thanks for the show comrade!

I have a s7 to s9 noise level too but I can hear something there ever so slightly.

I hear metal! Really good too. Thanks comrade.

Good sounding s9 signal. OM mentioned _____ radio_____.com but i couldnt quite pick it out. It was a little muffled. Music audio sounds great though.

Radio PIG. About s5 here.

Its a mix of storm static, fading thump thump bass and peskie mayhem on this freq for me. Thanks for trying though.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6950 USB 0049 6/19/15
« on: June 20, 2015, 0053 UTC »
Very nice music. At first i thought i was going to fall asleep cuz it was so relaxing (instrumental piano and flute) but the pace picked up a little. Strong signal. About s8 here. Thanks

I believe i heard "RGI" in cw right before the sstv

Looks like a topless woman! Of course I subconciously see topless women in lots of stuff, like clouds and cereal so I may not be right.

Sounds glorious on my new roddio. Thank you comrade!

I can hear it amazingly well in my house with the pl880 and the loop. Mostly thump thump bass and a few vocals here and there  mixed with some static.

0356 the signal came up now. A kinda trance ambient vibe. How about some skrillex or get really cheesy and play haddaway "what is love"

Sounds like hillbilly music mixing in with atari 2600 video games (utility stations)

0056 "working class hero"
0100 80s montage of private eyes, somebodys watching me, etc...as a commercial.

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