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Sounding good with the classics on AM, the way they were meant to be heard. S7 at the bunker. Thank you radio comrades.

Really good sounding AM tx here. Nice to listen to. Thanks for show.

Hillbilly music! yeee hawwwww

Ahhhhh, reminds me of a trip I once took to a massage parlor in Bangkok. But I won't say any more about that.

I dig this. S5 and sounding real grooovy.

Hey, you betcha Radio Cosmo. I'm happy to have had you as a listener for all this time tonight. Glad i could make it memorable!

Wow! That Crystal Ship T-shirt sounds just too good to pass up! S9 at the bunker and sounding great!

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID 6857 AM at 0028 UTC 3-21-17
« on: March 22, 2017, 0032 UTC »
I can just slightly make this out.

Just brutal conditions tonight. My only copy is by using USB and the music is still really drowned out in static.

s1-s3 but that's all you need tonight cuz the noise is nill. Sounds good and clear. Thanks for the program.

S9+ at the bunker and really great audio!

Was s9 +20 for first few mins. Now S1 and dropping.  :( Thanks for doing the show though. Been hanging in there s2-s1 all this time and sounding great cuz there's no noise.

I can hear this! Golden Earring and Twilight Zone just barely scrapin over the noise at s6.

lets not forget that if you cant hear us you can tune in on mixlr.com and hear us in GLORIOUS HD! Simply visit mixlr.com and search "radio free whatever". Thanks comrades!

Sounds like an old time radio or TV show. s4 here. Maybe Dave Matthews Band now?

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