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Hey thanks Cloud! I appreciate the offer for help. The antenna wasnt as charbroiled as I thought maybe.


North American Shortwave Pirate / 4.190 KHz AM 12/03/22 0100 utc
« on: December 04, 2022, 0059 UTC »
Rock music playing right now s9+

I don't wanna get in the middle of anything cuz I'm neutral And I don't know the story about what's been going on. You guys know I don't get a chance to listen a whole lot...but for gods sake let's set differences aside, forgive and forget so everyone can hear some decent shows without an annoying carrier tone on em. C'mon comrades...shake virtual hands and let's chill the f out. I'm holding up a shot glass of cheap Scotch! Drink with me to clear channels and no jamming. (Intentional)

Whomever is taunting Zeke on the air and jamming...what's your beef? Why not go start a show of your own down the dial and leave Zeke alone? Wintertime prop and the short time we get to hear shows sucks bad enough as is without the jamming and nonsense. Please chill out and let's get some shows on tonight cuz I'm too tired to do my own show.

Nice sounding S-9 ish booming going on at the bunker. Good show thank you comrade.

Rockin with an S7. Listening as I munch dinner. Thanks!

I heard him shout "Dick Weed" but I have some vicious fading going on. I couldn't make out much else unfortunately. :-\
Zeke...your show rocks but we gotta chip in and get you a better microphone! You do deserve better.

00:28 much stronger now and no fading. Ah much better!

Great guitar rock and a very fun show to enjoy. Thanks!

R.E.M. what's the frequency Kenneth s8

Has to be the longest version of it I've ever heard.

I hear it too. Just above the noise for me at the moment with lots of fading in and out. S3-S5

Sounds like vintage recordings. Circa 1930s/40s and possibly earlier.

Nice to be a listener for a change. Great show! Doing a beefy sig into the bunker at s9+

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