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Relaying for You Tube celebrity! He says he QSLs better than me  ;)

e-mail address is vorwinfo@gmail.com for reports

okay, 4.185 it is.

QSYed to 4.175 USB comrades. Let me know if this works better.

Hey Radio comrades, getting ready to go live.

Hair rock down here man! 8)
It's not me either, but its where the party is. You wanna listen to static crashes or actual music? Tune south comrade.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6950 USB 2235 UTC 2 Sep 2019
« on: September 02, 2019, 2244 UTC »
It's me comrades, and RFW. Gonna go back down to 4915 USB after this song cuz it appears this band is long already.

Im listening dude. Good signal too! I know how frustrated I get when nobody posts so I wanted to help you know youre hammering that ionisphere pretty good. S9 for me.

00:40 Ac/Dc Have a drink on me...and I am man. Long day at work. Just got home. Cracking open a nice cold beer.
00:53 QRT

Thanks for the show comrade Crusher!

Nice s7-s9 copy at the RFW bunker. Sounding good comrades!Hearing one of the strangest Nirvana covers I've heard yet.
No interference or Peskies heard here. I wouldn't sweat it guys.

Please comrades, serve your motherland by playing Bathroom Bitch by Holychild for Dick Weed!

21:42 DA!!! Spasiba!! Just in time too because reception is getting a bit choppy here  :'(

22:00 deep fades and ramp ups between s7-s0 mostly copyable though

22:21 Signal is mixed in the noise floor now. Difficult copy.

Enjoyed the entertaining show and your host interactions on mic too. Good job.

North American Shortwave Pirate / KIPM 6955 AM 2055 utc OCT 28 2018
« on: October 28, 2018, 2053 UTC »
Hearing a produced narrated story about Jesus and Moses. S5

Uh oh! I'm hearing two stations at once here!! Someone should QSY elsewhere quick! 1 is AM and the other is USB.

Ok, the AM station disappeared, never to be seen again? The USB station continues. Two SSTV pics sent but Dickweed is not organized enough to have that software ready for capture. I'll just be lazy and let them other guys do it for me.

01:33 Good rock tune...don't know this one but I like.

Sounding good Yeah man! s5 at the bunker. I believe this is my first time catching you on. Good to have another person talking live on the air! Always a big fan of that.

S7 at the bunker with a nice throwback to the era of my childhood.

s9 at the bunker and WOW! Really wonderful AM audio. I wants that!

Good to listen to jazz.

I hear this! About s4 at the bunker with moderate fades. Good to have weekday evening show. Thank you comrade!

Still hanging in there at 00:50! Been listening the whole time while making dinner.

Wow! Still loud and clear at 01:36. Not really moving my meter much but I can hear it just fine because the band is so clear and quiet.

Sounded incredible last night Azimuth! I heard it but was too tired to do a show.

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