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Tonight was the only night all 5 stations were on together, Thursday and Friday were just WBCQ, RMI, and the two Shortwaveservice transmitters. I believe Media Broadcast is the company that actually owns the transmitters that Shortwaveservice used, 9690 was Nauen, Germany (former Radio Berlin International transmitter site) and 9620 was Moosbrunn, Austria (former Radio Osterreich? transmitter site). The part with BCQ and Shortwaveservice calling RCI was on all three nights, but it was so buried in the mix that you could barely pull it out, especially with the static crashes I had here and the fact I had multiple receives going to be able to hear all the different parts.

I'm assuming this is Boston Pirate Radio that I saw listed as one of the five stations involved in this broadcast, since the frequency matches what was said they would be operating on. I have then peaking at S7 here, while listening to the other 4 stations at the same time. Sounds very cool to have 5 radios going at once to be able to put it all together, since each station is transmitting a slightly different piece of the entire work. The other stations are WBCQ on 5130, WRMI on 11580, and Shortwaveservice on 9620 from Moosbrunn, Austria and 9690 from Nauen, Germany.

I was able to hear all 4 active frequencies (there was supposed to be 5, the 5th station was listed as Boston Pirate Radio on 6850 khz but I didn't hear them at all). Really cool to listen to all 4 at the same time, which is how I listened to most of the broadcast, once I figured out that all 4 stations were actually transmitting slightly different programs. I made a quick recording on my phone.


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: 7493 khz 2350 UTC 5/11/2017
« on: May 13, 2017, 0003 UTC »
Tonight the mystery station was back on the websdr (WBCQ was on so I couldn't check here) but on 7487 khz this time, listening closely I heard several mentions of Tibet and Tibetan, so I looked up the Voice of Tibet to see what the frequency they are on and sure enough on their website they have listed as being on 7495 khz (with a note to tune around since slight frequency changes are made regularly) from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM Tibetan time, which is 2300 to 0000 UTC. So I'm almost certain that's what I was hearing.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: 7493 khz 2350 UTC 5/11/2017
« on: May 12, 2017, 1643 UTC »
This was exactly on 7493, both on my receiver and the sdr, I thought at first maybe someone way off frequency but neither of those other stations you listed would've been on at that time. Only other things I could think of were either a pirate or a clandestine station, have to listen again tonight on the websdr and see what I hear.

Shortwave Broadcast / 7493 khz 2350 UTC 5/11/2017
« on: May 12, 2017, 0015 UTC »
Tuned in to WBCQ on 7490 around 10 til 8 this evening and their transmitter went off (crapped out, power issues in Monticello, who knows). Anyway, while waiting to see if it would come back on I noticed that I was hearing another station really far down in the noise and slightly off frequency. Sure enough, I was able to hear a carrier and get some bits and pieces of audio on 7493. Figuring it was probably from somewhere like Europe or the middle east, I pulled up the Twente websdr on my laptop and did find a station on 7493, with a female announcer speaking in some language that I couldn't quite identify. Unfortunately I was also having internet issues and the audio from the websdr was coming through very choppy so I rebooted my modem here but by the time everything came back up, the station was gone, this would've been like right at 0000 UTC. Does anybody have any clue what this station might've been?

Shortwave Broadcast / XEPPM Radio Educacion 6185 AM 0200z 4/9/2017
« on: April 09, 2017, 0204 UTC »
Steady S7 signal here with Mexican music, was pretty good listening until someone else fired up on 6190. First time hearing this one.

Shortwave Broadcast / CKZN 6160 khz 0150z 4/9/2017
« on: April 09, 2017, 0155 UTC »
Steady S7 signal here tonight with blues music (male announcer said the name of the program and I've forgot it already). Best I've heard them in a long time, usually RHC on 6165 wiped them out but either they're not coming in tonight or aren't using that frequency because there's nothing there tonight.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 AM 2333- 3/31/17
« on: March 31, 2017, 2353 UTC »

2343 UTC Back with distorted signal (Per chat room, signal is FM)

I think they keep switching modes, I noticed around 2349 they switched from AM to USB then after a few seconds on USB switched back to AM.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 AM 2333- 3/31/17
« on: March 31, 2017, 2344 UTC »
Tuned in at 2341 to hear what I'm pretty sure was the music from one of the original pokemon games, then off at 2342, now its back on at 2343 with some more instrumental music.

Other / Re: Jamming 13605 Khz AM 1300 UTC 30 March 2017
« on: March 30, 2017, 1821 UTC »
Most likely, 13605 is a Radio Marti frequency, I know their 6030, 7365, and 7435 frequencies usually have the same thing on them over top of Radio Marti. I've even heard the same jamming over WRMI on 9955 occasionally.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Something on 6855
« on: March 30, 2017, 1801 UTC »
I've noticed the same thing on their 9395 frequency, I listened to them almost all day Sunday and heard nothing but music and IDs all day, same thing last Sunday, and then most of the day on Monday it was all music until the evening then they had some programming. That frequency I believe was dedicated to TruNews, now on their schedule I see both 6855 and 9395 are listed as oldies music except for a few blocks throughout the day on 6855 and 2300-0000 on 9395 is listed as brother stair.

Tuned in to a Billy Joel song, then a Steve Mann editorial from Radio Eclipse and Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World." If I remember correctly, Voice of the Long Run was a Radio Eclipse parody about 20 years ago. Nice signal

I must've tuned in at the same time because I heard the exact same thing, and made a separate post on it just above this one.

Tuned into just in time to hear the end of Billy Joel-Still Rock and Roll to me, then announcer going into a rant about pirate radio and gave several IDs of Radio Eclipse. Strong signal, swings back and forth between S5-S7. After that, Louis Armstrong-What a wonderful world, then signoff at 1922z.

Hearing them here with a weak but growing signal, was in the noise earlier but is peaking to S3 now. I believe this is probably the first euro pirate I've caught.

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