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Reception got better as the sun went down but still fades in and out.

Blinded by the Light playing now

I enjoyed CCR and Led Zepplin earlier, and the B 52s!

0:00 6925 AM

I can hear definitely dance music beat but little else over the noise.  The sun is still up here in California (4:15pm), hopefully reception will get better as it sets.
 Its cool, I just strung my random wire over my tree so its higher and on the first test I get something.

Hi, I'm new and this is my first post.
I heard The Late Movie the other night and then found this website so I'm posting this report late.

 I heard some Jimi Hendrix and then an interruption but then Hendrix started playing again.  And I couldn't make out the email address, all I could make out was "....@gmail.com."  And my girlfriend remembers a Spanish version of The Beatles' Michelle.

Thanks for your transmission, it is my first catch of a pirate station. I just got a receiver with SSB, go craigslist!

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