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This was Jan van Gent relaying Seebreeze

23.00 UTC Announcer was wishing freedom, Henry Mancini - Pink Panther Theme
23.02 UTC Hey Hey We're The Monkees
23.03 UTC Bugs Bunny Overture + male announcer and another film tune
23.05 UTC Looney Tunes themes, then Benny Hill Show theme tune
23.07 UTC Male announcer: Attention all planets of the solar federation... we have a...
23.08 UTC Rush - A Passage To Bangkok (live)
23.10 UTC beaming Germany?!, thanks HF Underground (male announcer)
23.12 UTC gain HF Undeground and hello Europe within the song
23.12 UTC Rush - La Villa Strangiato (live)
23.13 UTC HF Underground, thank you Germany, peaking Europe
23.18 UTC again HF Undeground and hello Europe within the song
23.23 UTC applause, Thanks to me (thank you for the shoutout!)
male announcer several times: Attention all planets of the solar federation... we have assumed control
23.24 UTC sign off

First weak directly in NW Germany but the signal is improving now, wow!
Thanks for the program! Please eQSL to my address below, if possible.
Thanks or any response in advance!

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: UNID 6930.9
« on: February 25, 2024, 1857 UTC »
This is Indy Radio from the Canary Islands

02.38 UTC transmission start, male DJ talked about the broadcast

reception in NW Germany after recording check

13.53 UTC R.E.M. - Get Up
13.56 UTC Station Identification by OM, WREM
13.56 UTC R.E.M. - The Great Beyond
14.00 UTC R.E.M. - Bang And Blame
14.04 UTC WREM Station ID by OM, into The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite by R.E.M.
14.08 UTC sudden sign off

very good reception on a NE US KiwiSDR, SINPO 44444
Thanks for the nice R.E.M. tunes.
Please eQSL to my address below and thanks for any reply in advance!

09.58 UTC Trans-X - Living On Video (maybe cover version)
10.01 UTC The Classics - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
10.04 UTC The Classics - In Yucatan
10.07 UTC Lost Frequencies - Reality (feat. Janieck Devy)
10.10 UTC Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind
10.11 UTC The Hollies - Long cool Woman

good reception in NW Germany

This definitely was a EURO relay!

22.31 UTC male annoucer about programs
22.32 UTC about COVID lexicons, masks
22.32 UTC censorship during 2020 election
22.37 UTC CIA operations, FBI, names given out, Trump, Sanders
22.38 UTC VHFs, cyber security
22.40 UTC about toilet seats, Twitter, cyber security attack, 2020 election
22.43 UTC Russian disinformation, establishment, censorship action, anything...
22.48 UTC another announcer asked something, short laugh, Pentagon network
22.49 UTC the perfect crime, election, free speech on the internet
22.51 UTC about democracy
22.54 UTC another speaker asked, main speaker continued about CIA, NFA, FBI,
22.55 UTC spys, pre-censorship, CNN, issue, interviews
23.08 UTC final station ID by YL, wishing a good night, classical instrumental
23.11 UTC sign off

very good on the NE US KiwiSDR of K1RA, Warrenton, VA BUT: audible also well directly in NW Germany.
If the operators are interested, I made a short recording of my German reception.

Thanks for the program. Please eQSL to my address below. Thanks for any response in advnace.

21.42 UTC Johnny Hallyday - Le pénitencier (House of the rising sun - cover)
21.46 UTC Johnny Hallyday - J'ai oublié de vivre
21.51 UTC Johnny Hallyday - Excuse-moi partenaire
21.54 UTC Johnny Hallyday - Quelque chose de Tennessee
21.58 UTC Johnny Hallyday - Que je t'aime
all songs in French language
22.00 UTC DJ with greetings to the HFU reporters (thank you!) and named them
good on the K3FEF Milford, PA KiwiSDR
Thanks for the nice Hallyday tunes, please eQSL - if possible - to my address below
Thank you very much for your efforts!

QSLs Received / Re: WRKO Shortwave eQSL 4 FEB 2024
« on: February 12, 2024, 1507 UTC »

I received this design! Thank you so much Dale Doorman!

QSLs Received / Re: Trance eQSL - JAN 28-29
« on: February 12, 2024, 1503 UTC »
I received the same one here! Thanks a lot!

That's European CUPID RADIO

Jan van Gent

This was Radio Black Power - 100% ID at 12.36 UTC

Programme started at 11.38 UTC and ended at 12.51 UTC

At 12.51 UTC another station appeared to QSO ...Halsbreker ?! vanaf Noord Oost Nederland

Most likely it was the usual Anthony Radio Poland station identification

nothing heard here :-(

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