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14.34 UTC Peter Frampton - Show me The Way
14.38 UTC Announcement and live performance Peter Frampton - Doobie Wah
14.44 UTC Led Zeppelin - Custard Pie
14.48 UTC STEEL, FSDW & Gordon & Doyle - Stand By Me
14.51 UTC Evokings - In The Air Tonight feat. Bodhi Jones
14.54 UTC Vinai & Le Pedre - I Was Made
14.48 UTC Peter Frampton - All I want To Be
deep fading now and signal dropped at about 15.01 UTC to become illegible, maybe
The Doors - Not To Touch The Earth? - only presumed

fair on a NE US KiwiSDR, but noisy band
Thanks for the tunes and please eQSL to my addy, if possible! Thank you in advance!

17.00 UTC on with Bob James - Mind Games
17.04 UTC Cliff Richard - Real As I Wanna Be, shortly
then carrier gone until
17.07 UTC Cliff Richard - Real As I Wanna Be
17.08 UTC Craig David - Fill Me In
17.09 UTC Sash! - Equador
17.10 UTC G-Spott - Melo G and other bits and pieces
17.11 UTC sign off

great audio and signal in NW Germany

17.29 UTC Male DJ announces test transmission of "AM Radio 48" on 6290 kHz, ...testing our microphone
17.30 UTC The Babys - Isn't It Time, talk in Dutch and English
17.33 UTC Station ID again, e-mail as AMRadio48gmx.net ....testing maybe some minutes or so
17.33 UTC BJH - Rock And Roll Woman, ...dit is AM Radio 48..., e-mail again
17.36 UTC Station ID again by OM, no QSL cards - but reception reports appeciated, e-mail again
17.36 UTC J Geils Band - Love Stinks
17.46 UTC carrier gone

weak to fair in NW Germany, much overmodulated audio!
Please eQSL anyway, if possible, thank you so much in advance!

11.33 UTC music, Station ID esta es Radio Azteca, Spanish, ID
11.34 UTC New York... Program Nr. 7, Bram announced DX Party... 2323
11.39 UTC about DXers, Terminator in shack, NASWA, response, percentages
11.42 UTC KBHR Alaska, other station names, extraterrestrral, other news
11.43 UTC deep fading now
11.48 UTC male announcer
11.49 UTC music shortly, then male announcer again
11.53 UTC male announcer, laughing audience
11.53 UTC about 5 foot 40, complaints, he yelled, applause
11.54 UTC Interval signal of Radio Azteca, several times
11.55 UTC drums, Johnny % The Hurricanes - Sheba
Station ID by Bram Stoker, show number 8 in Spanish and English
11.56 UTC about NAPRS, reception reports, about QSLs, relays
11.57 UTC about QSL cards, Wellsville maildrop, trumpet music
11.58 UTC mail from listeners, request of rejection card, Ken Zicci

weak on the AB1KW US KiwiSDR
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy if possible, Thank you in advance!

01.01 UTC sign on right after the Wolverine Radio SSTV
01.01 UTC The Isley Brothers - That Lady
01.08 UTC Station ID and then Frank Sinatra - Luck Be A Lady
01.12 UTC The Beatles - Lady Madonna
01.15 UTC Little River Band - Lady 
01.18 UTC Signal suddenly vanished

Wow, directly audible in NW Germany! For AM a nice signal here!
I made a short recording if interested.

Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy below, if possible. Thank you in advance!

21.40 UTC The Allman Brothers Band - Whipping Post
21.45 UTC Steppenwolf - Sookie Sookie
21.48 UTC Station ID by YL, Joe Cocker - Feelin' Alright
21.52 UTC ID by OM, the ID by YL, Donovan - Catch The Wind 
21.55 UTC MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
21.57 UTC Love - Seven And Seven Is
22.00 UTC Station ID by YL, Hullabaloos - I'm Gonna Love You Too
22.02 UTC The Byrds - Ballad Of Easy Rider
22.04 UTC Traffic - Paper Sun
22.08 UTC Station ID by OM, Procol Harum - Homburg

fairly well on the K1RA, VA US KiwiSDR
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy below, if possible. Thank you in advance!

15.06 UTC SSTV
15.08 UTC Disco music
15.10 UTC Italian pop music, male singer

nice in NW Germany, but some fading and noises

10.16 UTC Station announcement by male DJ, e-mail given
10.16 UTC A-HA - Cry Wolf

weak in NW Germany

10.00 UTC rock music
10.02 UTC Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
10.05 UTC male announcer, Boney M. - Brown Girl In The Ring
10.10 UTC new song, content about RADIO
10.13 UTC male announcer, Gary U.S. Bonds - Quarter To Three
fading out
10.17 UTC Sandy Coast - True Love That's A Wonder
10.19 UTC Supertramp - The Logical Song
10.23 UTC male announcer ID: RADIO PAMELA, Lou reed - walk On The Wild Side
10.27 UTC Dizzy Man's Band - Tickatoo
10.30 UTC male announcer, Status Quo - Paradise Flat
weak only in NW Germany (SINPO 23222), I made a recording for the OP, if interested

I had a carrier directly here in NW Germany until the transmitter was shut down at 02.49 UTC
Unfortunately now audio came through, pity!

BTW: The carrier came on first at 00.56 UTC

already May 15th UTC now
00.24 UTC The Hollies - Carrie Anne (live)
00.27 UTC male euphoric DJ ... best music
00.28 UTC The Mama's & The Papa's - Califdoprnia Dreamin'
00.30 UTC Male Announcer, into CCR - Fortnuate Son
00.32 UTC Enthusiastic DJ announced, CCR - Proud Mary
00.35 UTC Announcer again
00.36 UTC CCR - Bad Moon Rising
00.38 UTC male announcer again, phone call, DJ asked for signal, KING Radio
00.39 UTC Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London
00.43 UTC hope you enjoyed that..., chat with phone caller, request,
00.46 UTC KING Radio mentioned,  request, screaming and sign off at
00.47 UTC off
00.48 UTC on again, much stronger, The Hollies - Look Through Any Window
00.50 UTC into Ticket To Ride briefly and some ons and offs
00.54 UTC The Beatles - All My Loving briefly, then Yesterday (live)
00.56 UTC screaming audience, DJ back on the mike, station ID
00.57 UTC instrumental Beatles, Yeah Yeah, another Beatles song live 
01.01 UTC male singer
01.03 UTC DJ: oh, I love that song.. on shortwave, about requests, phone call
01.06 UTC Donovan - Catch The Wind
01.11 UTC The Hollies - Bus Stop
some more QRM now by Zeppelin Radio on 6965 (AM) from Greece
01.34 UTC Looney Tunes medley
01.36 UTC Marc Cohn - Ghost Train
01.41 UTC signal gone for good now or sign off

Direct reception in NW Germany, fairly good signal (SINPO 23332, up to 33443), some T+L noises
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my addy if possible. Thanks a lot in advance!
PS: I made some recordings, if the OP should be interested

15.29 UTC Eagles - Lyin' Eyes
15.33 UTC Jack Russel of WMR announces
15.34 UTC talk about WMR, halfway through the club
15.37 UTC DJ announced next song by The Eagles - Visions
15.41 UTC station ID by DJ: Weekend Music Radio - WMR
15.42 UTC talk about WMR
15.43 UTC Carly Simon - You're So Vain
15.48 UTC Elton John - Tiny Dancer
15.54 UTC DJ Jack Russel announces, Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' Band
15.56 UTC nice jingles of WMR, Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good
15.59 UTC male DJ gave e-mail as P-R-L? @ protonmail.com, thanked and instrumental continued
16.06 UTC sign off

fair on the AB1KW, Concord, NH KiwiSDR, sounded overmodulated
Thanks for the relay and please eQSL to my addy below.
Thanks in advance!

11.44 UTC Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Escape
11.50 UTC Black moon - Murder MC's (as Shazam told me)
11.55 UTC jingle within the song? another RAP sound
12.02 UTC Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear
12.06 UTC Brother Arthur - What You Gonna Do
12.10 UTC Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
12.13 UTC male announcer about Pirate Radio and pirate radio marathon
12.15 UTC Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Sun Won't Come Out
12.20 UTC The Roots - Distortion To Static

nice reception on the K3FEF Milford, PA KiwiSDR.
Thanks for the RAP sounds. Please eQSL to my abby below, if possible!
Thank you in advance!

Station ID as SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY - until autumn every sunday from 08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 6160 kHz via shortwaveradio.de

QSLs Received / Re: Reggae Radio via TRI eQSL 7 May 2023
« on: May 07, 2023, 2038 UTC »
I received the same! Thank you very much!

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