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That's Radio Joey (100% ID in chatroom)

is Radio Rona Lisa

16.13 UTC The Jam - A Bomb In Wardour Street
16.16 UTC Prince Buster - ten Commandments
16.20 UTC new song by male singer... "Have Mercy"
16.21 UTC sign off

Please help to identify this station! Weak in NW Germany only

TEONEX should be the right name, it's a valve/tube brand!

08.15 UTC Normaal - 't Is Kloot'n Hier
08.18 UTC Andy De Witt - Dalli Dalli
08.21 UTC muziek, mann ID Zender Teonex van zondag morgen, spraak en
muziek OK, Stram - Ik Lus Graag Soep
08.22 UTC goedemorgen, opgestaan,   
08.23 UTC Cees & Monique - Wees 'ns Een Keer Lief Voor Mij
08.26 UTC De Jageto's - Jenny Laat Me Los
08.29 UTC Henk Wijngaard - Ik Zie De Wereld
08.32 UTC nieuw song, man zingt, identificatie, Zender Teonex vanaf
Hoogeveen, groeten, muziek gaat door
08.34 UTC close down

Very strong in NW Germany, SINPO 54544! Please give your e-mail access for my report.
I made a video recording for you also!

21.03 UTC The Who  - Odorono
21.05 UTC Jingle song: wonderful radio W - H - O
21.05 UTC The Who - Call Me Lightning
21.07 UTC WHO announcement by OM, The Who - Magic Bus
21.10 UTC A dog is barking, The Who - Dogs
21.14 UTC station announcement, The Who & Pete Townhend - Pinball Wizard, a dog is barking within the song
21.16 UTC Station ID again, The Who - I'm Free
21.19 UTC The Who - See Me, Feel Me
21.22 UTC The Who - Tommy Can You Hear Me?

fair on the K1RA Warrenton, VA KiwiSDR
Thanks for the WHO songs! Nice memories
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my address below! Thanks in advance for your answer!

18.02 UTC programme started with MUD - Dynamite
18.05 UTC Hot Chocolate - So You Win Again
18.09 UTC Gonzales - I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet
18.13 UTC Mungo Jerry - Alright Alright
18.15 UTC J Geils Band - One Last Kiss
18.19 UTC The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
18.24 UTC First Class - Beach Baby
18.26 UTC Station ID trailer "New Dance Radio"...
still on at 19.16 UTC with Talk Talk - It's A Shame

fair in NW Germany. Please e-QSL to my address below! Thank you in advance!

15.20 UTC Beatles song

Radio Delta is testing here since an hour, long skip reception

08.48 UTC Dutch music
08.50 UTC Station ID by YL and e-mail

big signal in NW Germany

both frequencies weak in NW Germany but big in Eire (maybe the FRS Holland relayer is testing with LPAM?)

17.51 UTC Station ID Radio Black Jack
17.51 UTC Tears For Fears song
17.58 UTC Station ID by OM, he spelled the station name, Fox The Fox
17.59 UTC gone

very weak in NW Germany, but audible anyway. I made short recording for the OP.
Any Idea about the contact address?

RFB on again around 08.03 UTC
good in NW Germany

This is definitely Radio Mexico, occasionally there were announcements by an artificial female voice.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 77LJS 6930 USB 03 SEPT 2023
« on: September 03, 2023, 2225 UTC »
22.22 UTC Propaganda - Dr. Marbuse (The Last Word)
22.25 UTC male announcer, about live production
22.26 UTC tenor saxophone instrumental and bass
22.29 UTC new piece of instrumental ?
22.42 UTC obviously a new song
22.53 UTC Announcer, thanked for listening, about artists, 77Lima Juliett Sierra, Labor day weekend
22.53 UTC sign off, then another station OP said... amazing, very cool...

fairly nice on the W1NT, Newton, NH KiwiSDR

21.54 UTC Van Halen - Cathedral
21.57 UTC Van Halen - Secrets
22.00 UTC Station trailer by YL, e-mail given
22.01 UTC Another ID and sign off

fair signal but nice audio on the K1RA KiwiSDR in Warrenton, VA

This was Radio Joey

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