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0:19 UTC  Great sounding S9+ signal tonight!  Don't breathe too many contact cleaner fumes Dick Weed...then again...whatever!
Wearing my 2012-2016 RFW Bunker T-shirt tonight to really get into the groove... ;)  Thanks for the great show
Some Tame Impala would be nice
0:44 Is it True - Tame Impala - Thanks comrade!

22:54 - Zeke's Attic ID - "Wife is out of town". Nice S8-9 signal with great audio tonight.
22:56 End of the Line - Traveling Wilburys

1:00 Chris Cross - Ride like the wind - S8-9 signal into SE VA tonight.  Sounding good!

0:26  Rebel Rebel - David Bowie    Nice S8 to S9+ signal here into SE VA tonight with great sounding audio. Thanks for the show!
0:29  WTF ID
0:30  I'm Not in Love - 10CC  Signal just gets better with time so far.
0:37  WTF ID
0:43 We're Getting Away With it All (All Messed Up)  James
0:46 Welcome - Harmonia - Brian Eno
0:48 WTF Radio Worldwide ID
0:49 Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles  Groooovy song!

01:49 UTC Foxy Lady - Hendrix   
01:52 UTC Sympathy for the Devil - Stones
S5-7 signal into SE VA with some fading but excellent audio. Great play list tonight - Thanks Two Dog!

0027 - Video Killed the Radio Star - S6-7 signal here but coming up over noise - Thanks for the show tonight!
0031 - I wouldnt want to be like you - Alan Parsons

Faint chanting like music coming out of noise here.
Sounding more like grunge/metal music now?
00:42 Smooth slow jazz flute

23:01 Stuck on You - Elvis - S7-9 signal here in SE VA with some great music tonight. Thanks for the show!

01:06 Aurora En Pekin - Marc Ribot    Nice S6-8 signal here with great sounding audio.  First time hearing KIND.  Thanks for the show!
01:09 Some nasty digital interference now

01:57 UTC  Sounds like "Good tonight"?  but difficult with noise here. Lots of DJ talk between music. S5 up to S8 on peaks here in SE VA.
02:15 UTC Sounds like discussion about guilty verdict in Chauvin court case, but signal fading fast
02:30 UTC Early Soundz - Showtek on tour

1:20 UTC  Once in a Lifetime -  S4-8 here with great audio despite noise. Thanks for the show 2 Dog!

01:39 UTC  Wichita Lineman - Nice S7 signal with good audio punching through lightning crashes tonight. Thanks for the show!

01:07 UTC Anastasia - Miles Kennedy (according to Soundhound) - S4-6 signal fading in and out but seems to be improving with time.
01:12 ID

01:45 "Laugh" by The Velvets
nice S7-9 signal into SE VA tonight with usual great audio. Theme took me a while...opposite themed pairs of songs. Thanks for great show Wolverine!

00:55UTC  "I'm Yours" Jason Miraz - S4-6 with deep fades but good audio

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