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Just tuned in @ 1638 UTC. Fair signal with Rock Music.
"ALL APOLOGIES" by NIRVANA - "All we are, is all we are" til 1642 UTC.
Into more Rock Music @ 1642-46.
Into more Rock Music @ 1646-49.
Male DJ spoke @ 1649- Possible Cupid Radio ID @ 1650 UTC. QSB  - deep fades at times!
Nice to hear you again CUPID RADIO!! I messed yesterdays Broadcast…..
Shout Out to me…@ 1650 UTC!! Thanks Cupid!!!
Into more Rock Music @ 1651-1657 UTC.
More Music @ 1657-1700 UTC…Then Severe QSB and Noise til 1706 UTC. Possible SLOW SCAN???
Back in with Rock Music @ 1706-
Signal building @ 1712 UTC. Rock Music….
Nice ID @ 1719 UTC as "Today here on Cupid Radio - straight from the Netherlands". Shout-outs to Kilo Kat in Western Michigan, Me (Rocky Rhino) in SW Ontario. Also other Shout Outs @ 1720 UTC.
Signal really improving @ 1722 about an S-6 Signal now!!
More Rock music @ 1722-
Sorry I don't recognize the names of most of these songs…I'm a 1950's/60's type of guy!!
Another Nice ID @ 1725 as "Cupid Radio - From the Netherlands".
Cheap Trick - "Want you to want me" @ 1729-1732 UTC.
Shoutouts to all the reporters here on HF Underground!!
THANKS FOR THE SHOW Cupid!! Nice to hear you again!!
Signal up to S-6 @ 1739 UTC!!
Female Announcer (Girlfriend) gave the PO Box 9 QSL Address in the Netherlands for a QSL Package @ 1743 UTC.
Slow Scan Transmission @ 1744 UTC.

Weird Warble Tones Sound Effects @ 0132-0134 UTC.
Male DJ Spoke @ 0134 UTC.
Into "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring @ 0134 UTC.
Tough Copy here with QRN and QSB……But they are in there.
What was the Sound Effects?

Thanks Captain…wish the Signal was stronger here…..

Had them here too with 1800's Type Civil war Music .
Male DJ gave IDs as "Hard Tack Radio"…or was it "Heart Attack Radio"??? Not sure!!
Said send your reports to hardtackradio@gmail.com

OK…I guess it "was" Hard Tack Radio after doing a little research!! It's a New One for me…so I wasn't sure what he said!!

Thanks for the Show…Hopefully I'll catch more next time!!

Tone and Carrier @ 2306 UTC.
Sign On @ 2307
Into GOGOS we got the beat @ 2307-2309 .
Into more Music 2309-2314 Touch and Go by The Cars??
Decent Signal but heavy QSB.
More Rock Music 2314 -
Signal 20 Over S9 @ 2318 UTC.
ID @ 2320 as "You're listening to the 80's Sounds of the Crystal Ship on the TCS Radio Relay Network".
Into More 80's Music 2320 UTC.
Thanks for the Great show from the 80's John Poet!! I got married in the early 80's!!! HAHAHHAA…..
Another ID @ 2332 UTC.

Bombing IN @ 20 over S9 with The Clash…London Calling @ 0315 UTC Tune In.
ID as XFM and Gave ID as XFMshortwave@gmail.com @ 0319 UTC.
Gave Time Check as 19 Minutes after 3.

Thanks for the Callout @ 0322 UTC and Thanks for the Show. A Great signal into London, Ontario Tonight on 6950 Khz!!  Wish I could have heard your 1720 Khz Tests this strong!!

Into Rock Music @ 0325 UTC.

Possible XFM Reception here in London, Ontario CANADA.
Weak Audio heard starting @ 0049 UTC.
Just Talking heard….no Music.
Bits and pieces of Audio from 0049-0058 UTC.
Fades ups producing some Audio…but not a Constant Audio level.

Still hearing Bits/Pieces of Audio @ 0109 UTC…..

Thanks for the Tests Red Hat!! Hope things work out for you to have future Broadcasts on AM BCB!!

Just tuned in @ 0010 UTC. Rock Music.  
Funny Ad for Marijuana Helper  @ 0015 UTC.
Into more music 0018-20 UTC.
More Music 0020 UTC.
Logged these guys way back in the early 1980's many times!!

Great to hear you back Radio Clandestine!!!  Booming Signal 10 Over S9 into London, Ontario CANADA!!

RF BURNS spoke @ 0023 UTC and gave ID again as Radio Clandestine.
Into "Time for Mr. Wizard" @ 0024 UTC.

"Picking up the Pieces" @ 0027-0031 UTC

Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo @ 0031 UTC by Edgar Winter Group.

Thanks RF Burns…this is just like the Old Days!!! Gotta go and find my Bell Bottoms!!

Radio Clandestine ID 20 Times in a row @ 0045 UTC. Laughter and into song "Outta Work" @ 0047 UTC.

Strong Signal here in London, Ontario @ 2316 UTC with Rock/Dance Music .
Radio Free Whatever ID by Dick Weed @ 2322 UTC. Into more Music…Beautiful Signal!!
Had some technical Problems with the Song cutting out…..
Signal SOLID S-9 @ 2326 UTC
Gave Score as 0-0 in Super Bowl a few minutes into the game!
Said he couldn't watch the game as his Transmitter was screwing up the TV!!
Hey…Thanks for the Shoutout to Rocky Rhino @ 2347 UTC!! Good Show Dick!!
Signed Off @ 0015 UTC…….
Thanks Dick!!

Have them here in SW Ontario with a Poor-Fair signal. Bad QSB but can make out an Old Radio Show in progress……Signal is about S5 but QSB making it sound worse.

Some Nice Fade Ups at 0130 …still with the Radio Drama.

Still there with Radio Drama @ 0137 UTC…but not getting much usable Audio out of this one….

Just re-checked @ 0151 UTC and still in with Radio Drama….

Have them here in London, Ontario as well…with talk by James Brownyard I presume. QSB is Bad but hearing bits and pieces of Talk from 0118 UTC tune In. Still have Male talking @ 0123 UTC. Haven't heard WHYP in a Long Time!! Into Music @ 0123 UTC.
Another Rock Music Selection @ 0126 UTC…….Booker T Song?? Green Onions Instrumental
Male Spoke @ 0129 UTC.
More Music @ 0130 UTC.
Takes me back to the Old Days when I used to listen to the Original WHYP AM and FM from North East Pa!! I'm just across the Lake from their original Transmitters!!

Hearing Channel Z here in London, Ontario CANADA as well……signal about S-8 over the Noise Level. Tuned in @ 2307 with Male DJ Speaking then into Rock Music "Edgar Winter"?? Followed by Radar Love by Golden Earring @ 2311 UTC.
Nice to hear Channel Z on this Higher Frequency. Hopefully propagation will add some new listeners to the mix!!
Thanks for giving us a chance to hear you on this new frequency Channel Z !! Great classic bRock program…


Signal getting BETTER @ 2317 UTC. Nice ID as "This is a special Transmission from Channel Z Radio on 11420 Khz." Also gave info on equipment being used for the Transmission. Into more rock music "Whoo Hoo"…Not sure of song name??


Wolverine Radio heard here too!!

6950 USB  0145-0200 UTC.
Playing songs with the word Bad in them. Tom Petty "You're so Bad" 0145-49 UTC.
Wolverine Radio ID by Male DJ @ 0149 UTC.
Song "Bad Luck" @ 0150-55 UTC Blues Song.
"Born under a Bad Sign" @ 0155-58 UTC.
Wolverine Radio ID with Echo Effect @ 0158 UTC.
SSTV Message sent @ 0158-0200 UTC (No Capabilities here to decode).
Off Air @ 0200 UTC.

Thanks for the show wolverine Radio!! Great Program of BAD Songs!!


QSLs Received / Re: Radio Jingle Bells eQSL
« on: January 11, 2015, 1438 UTC »
Hi Guys:

  Received a nice eQSL in the Mailbox today for……….

6945   RADIO JINGLE BELLS   Euro-Pirate   
Full Data QSL Sheet (QSL # 10) for an Emailed Report to


Received in 16 Days for their Christmas Evening Broadcast!!
I think this may have been via a North American PIRATE RELAY??

73……….Rocky Rhino

Hi Rocky, I have QSL #5, from 3/24/90. I scan it & send a copy to you, hopefully tomorrow. Hope to hear you on the air again sometime!

Thanks Andy for letting me know you have QSL # 5!! THat's great. If you can send me a scan of the QSL…I would be most Happy to receive it……

Happy New Year Andy!!


QSLs Received / eQSL received from TCS The Crystal Ship
« on: January 02, 2015, 0539 UTC »
eQSL just received in my Mailbox!!!

Full Data eQSL Sheet received in 6 Days for an email report sent to the station. Received from the station Operator John Poet for their Halloween Christmas Show!!

Thanks for the great show and the QSL TCS!!

73….Rocky Rhino

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