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Topics - Ray Lalleu

on 6849.95
already at 1004 very weak, down to a trace at 1230
1238 less noise ?, pops, but soon at 1257 much more local noise
1314 fading up slowly above that higher noise level, non stop pops, 1320

on 6393.2-   very weak, much ut. noise around
1214 ID, hotmail, "Come on everybody", a fade, 1217 music, etc... hard to hear
1224 the name is Radio Pandora, the e-mail is PandoraRadio@hotmail dot com
1228 music, then talking ...closing down... and IS, telling us a story ?
1255 talking, very weak, ID

on 6205.0
(already at 0819, but no signal at 1000 and 1037)
1152 fading up and down above and below very weak middle level, beeping carrier QRM on 6206
music, 1205 DJ about bank holiday, 1207 quick ID, pop, 1210 DJ

on 6318.0-
(checked since 0816 with fair or weak signal)
1032 music, 1039 jingle 'wonderful Radio Sovereign', "Maggie May"
1245 very weak music, (faint het on 6319.9 fading up then off at 1250)
1251 spoken ID 'on shortwave this is Sovereign', reggae

on 6875.1-   just like yesterday,  tentative
1005 fair-good, disco (It. way), 1008

(1304 gone) no ID heard today

on 6305.1-       
(checked since 0815)
0951 C&W, 0954 ID, pop, fair but fady signal, going to stay like that I think
1146 "Witch doctor"
then heard all day
1818 strong QRM from pescadores in Spanish with accent, cada vez es el mismo problemo, no es castellano de Madrid !
1824 "Let's all chant"

on 6275.0-   good path
0918 pop-rock, 0922 ID, quadzilla@europe.com, "Guantanamera" in Sp.
0926 live ID, greets and last song for to me (thanks!), more greets, said closing down,
song : the E version of a F song (can't remember the title(s)), 0931 next pop
0935 ID in G? (in a short fade), next pop oldie, signal becoming fady
0938 canned ID in E, some 80's tune, then instrum. oldies (local noise rising), 0948 tiki instrum.
0949 live ID, closing down, bye-bye (and the path also saying bye-bye)

on 6240.00   very weak
0813 music     0822 song in D~   
0858 music, say D~ pops but hard to hear, non stop, quite likely Kolibrie , 0916
1201 L-side under ut.noise, U-side with music barely heard, 1204

on 6423.0   only LSB clear
2152 music, 2153 IDs, music, D music, 2202 off

on 5810.0-
2028 trad. Irish music, 2031 sudden off

on 5815.0-
2056 trad. Irish music, 2101 IDs till 2103, back to trad. Irish music
2118 ID, radioparade at protonmail dot com, ... Radio Parade International, 2120 off

on 3939 approx., awful modulation
1917 hard to hear music in that mess, talking at 1918 not better, music (?) going on , 1923
2025 stronger signal now, but modulation still awful

on 5140.0
1907 jazz, 1908 chansonnier in G, 1911 crooner, 1914 ID, old jazz

on 6289.9-   strong
1802 60's pop, off
1805 back with a"Lollipop" song, "Daydream", 1808 off

on 6284.95
1801 music, QRM at times from 6290, 1803 couple of words, music, 1807
1809 ID ... on SW, music, 1811 rock, 1812 This is ..., then very weak, music, 1822

1941 noisy, pops,   1953 "Last night a DJ..." and more remixes, 2002

(2048 gone)

on 6295.0-  strong
1722 barrel organ, more barrel organ, 1724 ID, test beaming Middle East, etc...
only barrel organ, with trad. and pop tunes
1735 ID, beaming ... South Pacific.., closing down, music
1740 blank, 1741 music from "The longest day", 1743 ID, closing down, off