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Topics - Ray Lalleu

on 6955 USB   direct across the pond
2329 rock, 2334 ID, rock, 2338 ID, the drunken pirate..., rock
2346 ID, 2347 off

on 3935.0
2140 carrier, then music (Village People ? :-((  ), 2144 happily some other singer
2147 ID (including in F accent), pop

on 5140.0   fair, noise (from ut ?)
2120 jazz, 2123 humour (short), 2124 jazz with trumpet (etc) and W singer

on 3905.0
2055 pop (partly in pseudo-Asian~ style), more pops
2102 ID, united.am at hotmail.com,  some ska in D, more music, 2118 same ID+@, music

2128 now there are two carriers, maybe a few Hz apart, but I can hear only one audio signal
2133 United AM ID again, then "Funkytown"
2149 music, not sure about a second carrier

2236 "Sweet Caroline",  2239 same ID+@,  off

on 6849.95   weak, much atmos
1944 pops

on 6269.7
(was Sluwe Vos on the channel ?)
1908 Beatles (short)
1911 Focus, Europe wide radio
1915 'Radio Focus International' (yes, with 'Radio'), focus@live.co.uk
then programme about Radio Caroline, 1920

on 6269.7 ?
1855 talking in D, giving e-mail, 1857 ...Sluwe Vos... 1858 time pips
more DJ with music, weak, music patchwork, 1903 talking in D
1905 a snap of "She's not there", 1907 talking in E too, clips of music

1908 sudden QRM with a  Beatles song (short)
1911 IDs : 'Focus, Europe wide radio' so Focus has taken the channel again

on 6295.0-
1832 "Friday on my mind", 1833 QSY

on 6290.0-
1833 "Friday on my mind", 1834 "It's all over now baby blue" by ?
1838 "On the road again", peskie on 6288 USB, 1841 carrier and peskie
1844 music is back, Traveling Wilburrys ?, 1846 off, no peskie

on 5769.9- 
1815 trace, 1820 trace of music

on 6290.0-
1753 music, 1754 C&W, 1756 "Stuck in the middle with you", 1800 next
1803 suddenly off

on 6205.0
1636 music, 1639 ID, pop

on 5815.0
1625 reggae, 1628 ID as R. Mi Amigo Int. on 6085 kHz, (that's a recording), then rock
1632 mutilingual IDs from Mi Amigo Int., music
1643 pop, DJ, music. (dxace1, that's a recording from the station on 6085)

1933 jingle ID : '3-1-9' in the middle of 'Belgische national hit parade met Ferry Eden'
1955 same recording, DJ also in F, Plastic Bertrand "Tout petit la plančte"
1959 DJ in D, mentioned Radio Galaxy, 2000 coucou! coucou! 3-1-9...
then the following of that chart done by Ferry Eden on the basis of a (offshore) Radio Mi Amigo chart

2052 last seconds of music, off

on 6318.0-
already at 0734, later fading down to extra weak
1402 fading up again, 1405 Weather Girls, 1413 jingle with name right on a short fade, more music
1425 jingle "Wonderful Radio Sovereign", music, 1428 one the many fades

Non stop station, I had it better around 2000, and last checked at 2047,
but around 2200 there was no signal here (long skip)

on 6305.1- 
1055 extra weak, some music at noise level (ID just from frequency and offset)
1257 ID by DJ, music, very weak
1806 "San Franciscn nights", weak, multi-ID         1853 weak
1921 strong !, music, 1923 next, DJ above : very good evening...

on 6269.7  extra weak
1051  some music at noise level
1259 very weak and noisy, music, DJ, no ID heard, just a guess !
never better, 1810 still very weak and very noisy, some music very hard to hear