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Utility / Rostov volmet 6945 USB 1357 utc 26 Oct 2019
« on: October 26, 2019, 1401 UTC »
on 6945 USB
1357 kind of Volmet station, in Eastern language ?,
list of places with 'temperatura' and a few other parameters,
1400 off

edit : ID, thanks to prldx (see reply)

on 3975.0
1229 some talking (much too weak)
1325 very weak, disturbed by DRM pest on the L-side
1333 just checked on Twente-SDR : no trace of DRM pest from Issoudun there
1425 music, still very noisy (DRM pest)

1607 rock, noisy but signal strong enough to overcome it now
1609 ID Skyline Radio Germany, hard rock version of "Beat it"
1624 hard rock

on 6284.9-
1316 instrum. techno, 1317 cartoon tune, IDs: Radio ... @... com, music,
1320 talking, very weak, Radio ... dot com, music, IDs Radio - - ,
always insisting on 'radio', always lowering voice on the name !, 1323
1336 music, greets to Gino, also saying 'Ronalisa' (the ID?), testing antenna,
1343 more thanks for reports, (weak and noisy here), 1344 deep fade,
1345 back, greets, clear ID at last, 1346 music

on 6235.4
1233 D songs with accordion, non stop
1257 canned announcement: 'Broadcasting on the 48 meter band..' (then no copy)
1305 lots of IDs, but very hard to copy, all with yodling bakground,
J ...PIRAAT@gmx.net
so must be Radio Jodelpiraat, 1313 IDs going on, not better
1315 'now closing down', off

on 5990.0     powerful !   (was announced)
1028 "Rocking all over the world", 1030 ID by DJ, Rolling Stones "Start me up",
with fading, and audio could be better, 1035 DJ, rock
1209 very strong, 1220 "Lonesome me"

on 5780.0
0743 music       0753 typical
1011 music     1017 "Pirea's children" instrum., 1020 singer in E

on 6305.1-
1006 rock, Pink Floyd "The wall" remix or cover
1039 Radio Merlin at blueyonder dot co dot uk, 80's pop

on 6849.95   (cf yesterday night)
0758 pop, 0800 relaying Radio Mi Amigo Int. (SW service via Germany), with time pips right on top of the hour, pop,
0804 parallel with 6085 but a few seconds ahead or behind, don't know already, 0812
1001 relaying R. Mi Amigo, pop, 1003 DJ in D

1351 //7310 but much weaker, 1352 W singer: "Baby you're no good"
then Julio Iglesias ?                  1402 music

2052 trace

on 5890.0
0744 pop, 0746 DJ in D, Radio Monique (mentions Gerona),
0747 jingle Radio Monique, news in D about Tchernobyl desaster, etc
so this may be a Radio Monique recording from 1986,
0750 R.Monique IDs, advert. 'Let's smoke happy', music, 0753

1011 "Radar love" live version ?, 1014 DJ in D, plug Mi Amigo Fan Club, etc...


on 6390.0
(0650 trace)
0728 rock, long track, 0734 DJ, in the deltracks way, but no ID copied, next record
0737 clear ID, "My lucky number", 0740 next
more music with DJ, 0813
1004 weak, noisy,music

(1242 gone)

on 6205.0
(0652 no signal)
0718 fading in, side QRM from 6210, talking
0722 stronger than 6210, typical DJ talking, music,
0726 ID by DJ above music, talking about Brexit
day long transmission, music and DJ
1626 music
2032 music, DJ             2109 music, hard to hear, noisy, splash QRM

on 6210.0-
0652 music, 0657 next
0715 long album track, 0721 next, and now with side QRM from 6205
etc.. 0755 music

(0814 no signal, gone ?)

on 6958.87
2203 music, then trace, 2205 accordion, extra weak, noisy, 2207
2209 yodling, 2210 talking, 2212 music

lost by 2215

on 6849.95
2119 extra weak, some music on rare peaks, trace most of the time,
2123 trying all the tricks here, 2126 better on second antenna !
well very hard to hear, but better
2130 talking, probably an ID, in E with US accent ?, 2132 music
2135 DJ, "Great balls of fire", 2137 "Video killed the radio star",
2140 DJ, sounds like Emperor Rosko, 2142 music
2144 lost in the noise

2219 music, DJ ?, music, 2222 trace
2224 M+W duo in F :  ..je vous rappelle l'adresse... (only that copied), music
lost by 2230       2235 trace again, audio under noise level

edit : must have been a relay of R. Mi Amigo Int. (from Spain, through SW relay in Kall), see on Saturday 25th, and that explains Rosko and the F announcement.

on 6280.0-
2040 accordion, then C&W  (better than 3 hours ago...)
2045 polka, 2047 ID : Abu Dhabi Radio, 2050 electric guitars,
2052 more electric guitars, 2056 C&W, 2059 Johnny Cash ?
ID, little test, thanks for our reports on HF-U (and a 3rd..)
2102 blank, 2104 Teresa Werner (Kris, can you translate a bit of this song ?)
2107 next, 2108 music dedicated to us on HF-Underground
2112 "Comment ša va" (half in F)
2116 signing off, thanks for the reports, good night, 2117 off

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