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Messages - Ray Lalleu

on 6207 USB         direct
2243 music, then Kinks "You really got me"
non-stop, all unknown to me,
2258 becoming 'free-style', 2303
2313 ID : C N R, hard rock
2318  C N R, 2319 off

on 6205.0
not on daytime,       1920 trace
2014 music, very weak, heavy T-storm noise (a bit less on second antenna here),
2021 nothing sure, not the typical programme
2030 fading down, 2036 trace  (no ID)
2149 music, typical DJ and music, fading up, 2154 ID, music

on 5135.0   (ut. on 5140)
1716 typical: old jazz, weak signal, stormy, 1718 some waltz with singer

on 5140.0
1826 only a trace
1915 well heard again, 'go ahead London', old jazz, 1919 Hollywood legend
1930 old jazz, 1948 ID, "My friend Elizabeth", etc...
1958 live recording with compere in French introducing English singer,
2001 ID, more jazz, 2005           (2040 trace, under storms)
2059 heard anew, music, 2101 ID, 30's exotic movie music ?

on 6288.0-
1709 strong, instrum. synthe tracks, 1713
some music in oriental mood, 1729

(1733 gone)

on 6289.95
1504 music, weak, noisy, stormy (and jammed by carrier up/down in frequency)
lost soon after

on 5840.0
1443 music, gliding het crossing, 1449 ID, music
fair-good with rock programme and regular IDs,
1536 Cream "Strange brew", 1547 blues, etc...,
going on, good signal, rock, plugs for Offshore Echos, for RNLI, 1708

(1727 no signal)

on 6284.95
1435 end of "Bella ciao", then carrier, 1436 off

on 6255.05
1423 music, overmodulated, 1428 ID and e-mail, 1429 leaving the air,
1430 music, 1433 thank you for listening, 1434 off

on 5780.0
0836 crooner, ID, W jazz singer, 0838 good signal,
good on all day time, 1727 crooner     
(1825 trace)
2005 very weak, heavy storm noise, music fading up
(the sky is falling over Southern Europe)

on 6274.95
0724 pop, weak, noisy,
0726 mike test, known voice, "this is microphone number 1","..number 2", etc

(0833 gone)

Radio Parade Int maybe?  Or a relay of a UK station.

I didn't hear it so just a guess!
Not  Radio xxx International, but xxxx Radio International,
and with 'International' it's hardly a simple relay. At least a relay with added IDs...
Well, I don't know... Not a dutch station, that's clear.

2141 Presumed Laser now on 6210?

Wide skip zone tonight ! I found a trace on 6210.0 at 2005, but I had no idea about it.

on 3903.0
2048 music, talking (duo?), very weak and stormy, 2052 some 'house'? music,
2057 M+W duo talking, ID???, talking, 2100 ID (no copy), fading up, music,
2109 Premier? Radio International, music, 2119 talking (marred by crashes),
addresses in 'dot co dot uk', mention of Absolute Radio and others, hard under the storm crashes,
2123 off

on 5140.0
1658 IDs in a loop, weak, stormy, 1700 usual s/on, roaring 20's, Titanic..,
1703 music in 20's style

on 5135.0
1829 song in old public address sound, 1832 next oldie in theater sound, 1834, etc

on 5140.0
1856 back on the standard frequency   1906 jazz "The tiger"
1930 "Puttin' on the Ritz", 1937 quick fading out here, down to a trace

on 6205.0
1633 pop, 1634 ID by DJ, (said 6205, 98 FM and MW), music, 1637
(1820 trace)

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