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Messages - Ray Lalleu

on 5780.0
0836 crooner, ID, W jazz singer, 0838 good signal,
good on all day time, 1727 crooner     
(1825 trace)
2005 very weak, heavy storm noise, music fading up
(the sky is falling over Southern Europe)

on 6274.95
0724 pop, weak, noisy,
0726 mike test, known voice, "this is microphone number 1","..number 2", etc

(0833 gone)

Radio Parade Int maybe?  Or a relay of a UK station.

I didn't hear it so just a guess!
Not  Radio xxx International, but xxxx Radio International,
and with 'International' it's hardly a simple relay. At least a relay with added IDs...
Well, I don't know... Not a dutch station, that's clear.

2141 Presumed Laser now on 6210?

Wide skip zone tonight ! I found a trace on 6210.0 at 2005, but I had no idea about it.

on 3903.0
2048 music, talking (duo?), very weak and stormy, 2052 some 'house'? music,
2057 M+W duo talking, ID???, talking, 2100 ID (no copy), fading up, music,
2109 Premier? Radio International, music, 2119 talking (marred by crashes),
addresses in 'dot co dot uk', mention of Absolute Radio and others, hard under the storm crashes,
2123 off

on 5140.0
1658 IDs in a loop, weak, stormy, 1700 usual s/on, roaring 20's, Titanic..,
1703 music in 20's style

on 5135.0
1829 song in old public address sound, 1832 next oldie in theater sound, 1834, etc

on 5140.0
1856 back on the standard frequency   1906 jazz "The tiger"
1930 "Puttin' on the Ritz", 1937 quick fading out here, down to a trace

on 6205.0
1633 pop, 1634 ID by DJ, (said 6205, 98 FM and MW), music, 1637
(1820 trace)

on 6289.9+
1534 was talking, then "Roxanne", 1538 Beatles "Help", 1540 ID, music
1541 'This is a trial version of Breakaway ....', ID Radio Cuckoo, music
1605 3walk on the wild side", coucou!(x2), "Summer in the city"
1631 now very weak, more and more T-storm crashes, IDs (? no copy), 1651
1706 ID, music, very weak, storm crashes,   1717 coucou sounds,music,
1720 Radio Cuckoo at yahoo dot com, music, weak, 1725

1817 trace

on 6389.9
1354 music, 1355 Kinks "All day and all of the night",
1357 talking in D : ...amateurs..., D 'piraten' and 'atletico' song,
1402 D song, 1405 rock, 1410 accordion, 1413 singer in D,
1416 short announcement ending by 'eight - seven - nine', then W singer (in ?)
1419 You are listening ... EMI pirate radio.. vous écoutez ...., music,
1423 accordion, a 'piraten' song ?, 1425 polka and 'allo-een-twee' by op
1428 music "Can't go home", more mike tests ?
1430 W singer, DJ said Radio Zendpiraat ?? (noise is rising more than the signal)
1433 off

Not the previous offset of Deltracks, not the same kind of talking.
And several hours between transmissions.
Wait and see

on 5780.0
0726 pianist-humorist, music, good-strong
0806 Louis Armstrong, etc..,  0828 ID : Radio Harmony, e-mail : harmonyQRZ
1223 very old record, 1227 pop ca1960, 1230 song in it. way
1316 Edith Piaf "La vie en rose"      1343 "Catch a falling star"    1555 music

1825 extra weak (can guess some music)

on 6390.0
0834 very weak, very noisy, beat music : hard to hear
0837 ID in D (just the name copied), talking in E, 0838 reggae,
0841 ID, talking in E about requests, music "Dear Prudence" ? so noisy!
0846 (I've switched to  a less noisy antenna), next song in the same mood
0851 I by W voice, song
0905 ID, talking in E, Beatles "Let it be", 0907 stanag bursts
1011 "Don't be cruel", ID, noisy, music, 1016

(1153 gone)

on 6289.95
0827 rap or hip-hop ?, good level, but noisy with fading,
0831 coucou! coucou!, music

0854 pop song, fair level at best (after settings), 0857 Radio Cuckoo short ID, song
0903 music, weak, coucou! above
0926-0944 el. blues (4 in a row, with ID between), 0944 pop instrum
1012 ID (it+E), @yahoo.com, coucou! (x3), 1013 carrier

(1154 gone)

Hello Skipmuck,

Not even the faintest carrier here when I saw your post around 2200 UTC.
That frequency was not in your previous posts for Europe, maybe it was posted elsewhere ?

At first, you posted it as Unid.
How did you find it was Dr Tim ?
Are you aware of any Dr Tim frequencies outside of the 6200-6350 range ?

on 6935 USB
2157 talking ? heard something like '....Star', then music, 2159 off

Yes, killer noise here on 6930 !
Any frequency around is much better !
The propagation was very good in Europe, not many stations on that sunday evening, and now it's the long skip. 

2120 still the WORST frequency between 6800 and 7000 !

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