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Messages - Ray Lalleu

2229 trace of music on 6925 USB
2303 extra weak, music barely heard

2225 music barely heard on 6950 USB

heard day long, ten times 0735 to 1755
no ID heard, although no doubts
(2140 trace)

on 6290,0-  strong with some fading
1638 music ( ) 1642 C&W by woman, 1645 next same singer ?
1646 This is Ghana Radio, Black Peter DJ (above the song)
1648 next country song, this one with a fiddler (back in the audio)
1651 music from E. Europe, russian-like
1655 relaying his radio next to him ?
1658 "I want to break free"
1702 ša veut dire quoi ša? Ghana Radio closedown, Ghana Radio closedown !
then blank with mic left open? and off

1636 talking, known voice
1641 "Indian Reservation"
1701 much side QRM from Ghana
1707 no more side QRM (Ghana off). ID Radio Pandora SW
1709 but the signal is weak, music

on 6270,35  an more powerful than Altrex
1622 Dutch song
1623 ID Black Panther, next : pop girl, "Radio waves"(?)
1627 "Waterloo", 1630 Dutch song, 1635 lots of "allo allo", 1636 pop
1637 in Dutch ..locatie Den Helder..., 1637 off

on 6240,0- weak, can be the same station (or not...)
1616 Dutch music, 1619 CCR "Down on the corner"

on 6334,95
1557 music
(ID from the reply to previous frequencies)
2134 "Owner of a lonely heart"
2203 ID and e-mail : kosqsl@gmail.com, music

on 6326,9 good level, some fades
1509 pop, 1519 talking in Dutch, 1512 next pop
1520 ..danke sch÷n Martin..., music
1530 ID, from the NE part of NL, from the SWCH studio,... contact, 1532 music

on 6320,05 strong, mushy carrier
1505 music, 1508 bpm
1515 bpm, \traffic 6320U in it. or sp.

could be the station previously on 6325,05

on 6305,1-
1501 early 60's R&B, 1503 ID, more R&B

1714 still on, 1715 "Judy in disgusise", but cut, off

on 6265,05
1455 music, ID, g's to Italy, some euro pop in German or Dutch but Italian made?,
1459 W singer in German~~

on 5780,0
(already on at 0800 utc)
1432 music, more pop than rock, 1440 ID, music, 1443

on 6240,0- weak
1413 lalalal summer pop, "hello" above, "Una paloma blanca", 1417 next
1445 fading up, pop-rock, 1447 OK Alexander in Ukraine, singer in German
1450 singer in almost russian style, 1453 off

on 6325,05
1333 bpm, a few words, bpm
1346 synthe music, 1348 bpm-electro

(1505 maybe moved to 6320)

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