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Unid at 1914 with pops and DJs in English, wide wobbling around 6926,5 kHz.
Best heard in AM mode, nothing else. The studio work is much better than the TX. 1924
1930 fading down a bit. Some IDs as - - FM. No other signal around.
1947 same situation.
2013-2050 listening andsearching : that must be Non Stop 90s FM (see on 03 Jun)
2052 wobbling just like at the beginning
2200 now there's a carrier on 6926,3 but no audio, just traffic on 6925 LSB
2307 same carrier on 6926,3 no audio

1808 Unid on 3920, very noisy ! with music, and DJ (can't say more), 1818
1952 pops, talking in Dutch, probably a relay from FM or stream, 1958 pop again,

2000 Jingle ID 3-3-1-1-9, then spoken as '3-1-9'. 2101 Dutch pop

1801 unid on 5775 with music, 1803 "Big bad John", 1806 W jazz singer
Noise on the U-side

1822 crooners, 1827 W singer "Perhaps...", 1828 ID Harmony, W singer
2003 typical music, still noise on the upper sideband, but that maybe local here?

1753 pop, 1755 ID, mx, noisy (ut.) 1758

1744 retro music, many IDs by synthetic W, 752

2258 music, 2259 ID Cool AM Radio, with mashup of F..., 2301 IDs +e-mail, etc....
2303 sirens, then bombers, etc...
2309 more IDs, music, 2319 rock

up  to 0002, last Cool AM Radio ID, then Clever  Name Radio ID and off

Already heard at 1004 (J.S. Bach?), etc, many IDs along the day
1524 promo for relaying programmes, send e-mail for requests
1929 disturbed by the multi-carrier ut.
2116 same situation, ID, more mellow music.

2030 strong Unid on 6273-, pop singer with accent from east ?
Just before that, there were many carriers around and no audio
2038 Teresa Werner (Polish singer)
2039 voice of BBR - JT above : specially for Doctor Tim
2043 same announcement, then C&W, 2045 greetings above
2046 tiki music, JT in Dutch, etc, 2053 still on

(2055 gone)

At 1725, LHH was very weak, with traffic QRM.
2015 now strong, but noisy (maybe a stanag underneath on 6204?),
2025 DJ talking after each pop record, 2025 pop girl again

Unid 1951 music, 1952 more pop, v.noisy
1956 DJ talking, hard to find the settings, in English (and Dutch?) '3-3-1-1-9', music
2000 same ID, but barely heard in the noise, talking
2006 music, well heard, 2008 fading down, hard, 2011 DJ, music

(2100 nothing around, except Korea on 3910 and 3930)

1943 Unid on 3943 with clear pop, then sudden fadin down
1947 very hard to hear, 1948 lost

(maybe QSY to 3920, but not sure about that)

1917 Unid on 5800 with music, 1919 DJ, ID no  copy, Maisonettes
QRM beating (only a few Hz away), 1923 DJ, another pop track, not clear
1932 music, 1934 DJ with much noise, can't even say in what language, 1935 off !

1905 UTC, retro music, 1906 ID, part of a song, good signal
1906 tango with singer in German, 1906 ID, Go ahead London, part of a song, singer in English

1851 UTC IDs and greetings, 1852 "Old man down the road"
1912 "Mony Mony" Tommy James & the Shondells. Fading up well
1914 accordion medley

(1941 gone)

Unid at 1723 UTC on 5780, pops, with at times DJ in Dutch
1846 DJ in Dutch, pop-rock
(1916 gone, ut on near frequency)

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