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(probably on all day)
1834 much noise, but I have a local noise on that channel
Frequency : 5774,85 approx. (some drift, from temperature it seems)
2021 ID,more music, 2027 crooner

1835 typical retro music, 1920's
2012 singer in German, with barking dog, 2016 ID by synthe W voice
2019 same voice with ID and a longer announcement (above music, no copy)

Late start today around 1700, typical sound.
1957 ID as Laser Hot Hits Int'l

Has been on all day. 0942 ID as 'tne new Coast FM', later only the usual IDs.

Unid at 1629 on 6390 kHz, with pops and DJ, but too weak for an ID, maybe '-- Radio'
1641 going on, then very slow fading up, it's a show with a DJ,
after 18UTC, it's fading up enough to say that's in English.
2000 '3-1-9' ID just heard, more music
so that's R.319 relaying some stream radio.

2115 ....on SW this is Radio....  (ID 319 dubious ?)
Station fading up and down many times.

1606 Dire Straits "Sultans of swing", non-stop pops, on 6305,1
1628, 1647 ID yet to be confirmed

1705 R. Merlin Int'l with ID and music on 6300,1
1710 going on, ID again, but the ut.pest is all around, "Sound of silence"

Last checking at 1905. At 2005 : seems to be gone, but there's much ut.QRM

0317 music (alternative...), 0318 ID Clever Name Radio (3 times),more 'alternative' music,
0320 noisy, with stanag bursts

0235 jazz, 0237 W voice : '- -Radio', more jazz
0246 synthe W voice "....., Mix Radio", more jazz
0305 said 'thanks for listen' ?
0309 said '......' (to Andrew ??)

2306 just a carrier here, on 6935.6    2311 same
2316 traces of audio at times, but not fading up well, 2340 not better

2232 tentative, no real ID so far (but 'stylish' voice bridges)
Same frequency, time and music ason Friday and Saturday
2243 going on

2133 Parisian song (in English version), 2137 light music
No ID so far, but the frequency is almost an ID, 2141 humorist, 2147 more music, that programme sounds like those of Harmony. 2200 stealth IDs??

(Sorry for the typo on the date)

2007 mailbag, reception reports sent to Bogusman, 2014 going on
disturbed by that multi-carrier OHR

An ID not relly needed....
1853 old jazz, talking in English, more music from the 1920's

1929 singer in German,
1932 ID, then talking about the Andrea Doria, and about celebrities before WWII
1934 singer in English

1917 Unid with non-stop Dutch/German music (schlager, accordion...) 1927 going on
1942 brass music, 1959 accordion,
2020 talking in English, but hard to cancel the local noise, W singer

(LHH was not on 6205 this morning)
1459 music, ID, announcing also 1494, promo FSN
1830 "Living by numbers"
(2001 gone)
2210 on the air again, modern jazz

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