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Messages - Ray Lalleu

on 6305,0-
2053 "Vodka Anushka", must be JT
2056 lost

on 6239,9-  very weak, noisy, ut
2017 music, very hard to hear, except on peaks from time to time, 2027
2040 very weak music at best, half of time only a trace, 2050

on 3920,0
1926 from trace to extra weak at 1928 with music at noise level
(not sure if it can be the same station heard before 1730, offset a bit different)

1942 extra hard to get some audio from the mud, 1943 off ?

heard at 0713, 0745 (without ID)

was off the air at 1357

1913 :only a trace

1908 I have a trace on 6305.8 : is it the same station ?
2058 that trace again, when the other has vanished

1855 very weak carrier, talking (in English??), seems to be a far away station, most probably not that Radio Nord

1850 music, 1851 ID, low power, (weak), 1853 music
1948 trace
2007 back from nowhere, fading in with brass band, stanag bursts above U-side
2010 accordion, accordion again, 2013 allo... ID ..power
2030 barrel organ

1735 very weak, music,fading down, 1737 talking, music, ut. above L-side
1739 music, very hard, 1740

(1847 gone or lost)

on 6270,0- very weak
music, talking,..Nederland.. Nabucco ? bye-bye, 1705 off

on 6299,6
1645 music, 1646 instrum tune,then talking (I missed that), "We shall overcome"
then instrum. music, pops,jazzy
1708 F.Sinatra ?, 1711 jazz (maybe from a 60's movie)

on 3919,95
-carrrier at 1602
1610 music, Stevie Wonder, 1611 talking, extra weak
seems not drifting, but hard to get out of the mud
1620 trace, 1621 music, DJ, music, 1624 talking in Dutch about Mi Amigo, pop
1625 fading up, 1627 DJ in D, Mi Amigo jingle, Johnny Cash ?, 1630 "Power to all our friends"
1633 Ha ha said the clown, then more pops, DJ after the records, but noise rising too, 1642

1720 still on, but very noisy, instrum. radio tune, 1722 talking (about Caroline?), music, 1724 Stevie Wonder same song again, maybe a looped programme ?
1732 still on

(1917 gone)

on 6305,1-
1523 music, ID by junior, 1525

on 6259,3-   some  ut.QRM (fax ?) then Morse on 6262, fax again
1454 music, 1455 "Moonlight shadow"
pops, almost nonstop (couple of words  at times, no copy)
1514 like a disco version of "Black is black" ?, 1517

(1553 gone)

on 6290,1-
1421 drums, W singer, 1426 drums and M singer
1433 "More you live the more you love", should be by A Flock of Seagull (don't know those years)
1436 next, say electro pop, 1439 audio on-off, 1440 blank, or quite undermodulated ?,
1444 audio back, "Love to love you baby" ? with all the intro, maybe a remix
etc, non stop music
1549 M+W duo in E+D, Radio - - .., 1550 hammering bpm, 1552

on 6304,95 weak
1412 pop bpm, with fades, 1419 music

(1448 gone)
tentative ID added afterwards

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