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Shortwave Broadcast / R. Mi Amigo Int, 3985 AM 1701 utc 08 oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1709 UTC »
1701 s/on in English, welcome, Otis Redding
1704 DJ in French, les Supremes, 1707 DJ in French, soul, 1709 DJ in English, soul
1712 DJ giving his e-mail (but bad fading) ...@Bruno Hantson.com, more soul

on 6205,0  fading, noisy, ut.QRM
1634 music, W voice : 'Gary Drew, on Laser', music, 1637

2148 music, very weak, but less noisy than Coast FM on 6230

Shortwave Broadcast / World Music Radio 5840 AM 1613 utc 08 oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1619 UTC »
on 5840,0
station from Denmark
1613 music from tropics and latin America, 1616 ID, more music, 1620

tentative, on 6315,0 very weak
(was weak at 0910-0937, later trace only)
1527 "Roll over Beethoven", then deep fade
1544 very weak music, fading up, 1550 the Who"Baba O'Riley"
etc... very weak + peaks, 1611 music
1639 music, rising atmos, 1648
1810 extra weak, 1838 trace, 1902 audio heard again, extra weak music, 1912

unid on 6240,0
1508 unid just fading in with music, 1512 pop-rock, 1525

(1534 gone, but strong carrier testing on 6236, probably utility)

All afternoon on this FRQ my RTL received stations from 3975, but it was not at Icom.
 My way to verify mirrors by tuning LO, did not confirm that it was a ghost.
 It was only after the change of LO> Tune offset, that the station disappeared.
I gained one more experience.
      If you think that this is not  this topic, please remove it to technicals .

There was a station on 3975 between 1257 and 2050 here. But maybe you heard something else, I don't know.

How do you combine your Icom PCR1000 with your RTL-SDR ? Not the place here, but send me an e-mail (see in my profile), I could untangle that a bit before we move that to a technical forum.

probably Focus 6269,65 but extra weak, no more IDs heard
2120 music, 2125 very weak, 2134 not better, still noisy

2237 only a trace here

on 6315,0 (previously 6318)
1822 very weak music, then variable level extra weak to weak, pops, rock
2107 fading up, 2108 stealth jingle ID, more music, 2115

1914 utc trace on 6922,9 : could it be that ?

 2007 utc, carrier on 6964.98 could it be that ?

on 5140,0 good signal
1834 retro music
1909 operette (in italian or spanish), 1910 ID, more music sounding like 78rpm, 1913

2204 always pleasing tunes from the roaring twenties, 2207 talking about Hollywood, but on a record?
2207 'allo allo Radio Berlin', singer in German and band with medley?, 2211 talking about New York, etc...
2225 I'm still there, now with swing jazz, that station is something everyone should try to listen to !

2228 "Ma tonkinoise"

beware chaosam !

Your signal is fading down, it should not fade down at this time.
Maybe something is going wrong, the coax is fryingor something else?

on 3919,9v  noisy, mushy carrier
1834 music
1837 up to 3920,6v , pop/song in Dutch ,1840 going on
1915 music, on 3920,25 at the moment, Dutch sound
1920 W singer, seems Dutch, but there is a second carrier quite near,
maybe that will give strange reports again tonight ?

2138 pop, on 3921,8 noisy, 2142 next

on 6286,0- strong
1824 modern jazz,many audio dropouts, 1826 blank

(1907 gone)

trace all the middle of the daytime
1550 music, fading up again, 1720 very weak music

(later see 6315)

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