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Radio Harmony on 6375 today, samekind of music,
1426 on 6374.9 then bit of drift up and down, 1605 ID, etc
1845 ID, Edith Piaf, French version of "Motorcycle and black denim trousers"
1848 "You're my world"
Harmony is in Ireland (acc. to Italian DXer,  agree) and claims 1 kW on the QSL card.
edit :
1949 "Minnie the moocher", but the signal is fading down here
2055 good to strong again
2159 trace only

That new station again on 5775 approx., still on at 1607 UTC, slogan "Beautiful music",
with crooners, musicals, occasional gospel, Brasilian music, etc....
1430 Just a gigolo
1524 Diamonds are the girls best friends
1525 ID + e-mail
1610 Fading up well
edit : 1611 La bamba
(1639  gone, only a carrier drifting up around 5775)
but try around 6300 later...
edit: 1818 music again, on 5775, typical of Harmony, 1823 now quite undermod

Should be Laser Hot Hits, already on long skip here,
was playing the Anorak Hour, with a Caroline 558 recording

There  is Coast FM here, was barely fair at 2002 UTC, now fading up, on 6284.98
with some recent pops

2136 : that one also turned down to barely a signal

(and so did Laser Hot Hits on 6205 playing the Anorak Hour with Caroline 558 memories)

Was on 5575.2 again today 26 March 2018 at 1219 UTC, hear till 1245 (no more at 1250)

Same format tonight on 6309.1 (see Beautiful Music Radio)

edit : sorry, it was on 6309.7

1948 UTC : good signal, non stop crooners, 1954 slogan
then F. Sinatra ? with "Chicago" ?
2006 humorist, later with piano
2019 ID (edit : it was the slogan "Beautiful music radio",
 then kid singing a picaboo' song
2023 crooner again. (Quite similar program to 5775 on the previous days)

edit : JBK has the ID as Harmony
(I thought it was a slogan)
2056 ID Radio Harmony
harmonyqrz@gmail. com
with offer to book time

2116 'beautiful music on Harmony', "I say a little prayer for you"

2118 suddenly fading down to almost nothing (barely audio here)
2122 extremely weak now, with Morse on the lower side

Unid 7726,86 (or ,87) heard here at 1901 UTC
with "Witch queen of New Orleans"
1904 Sympathy
1906 sudden s/off
1908 back on 7725,8 with music, bit of drifting (,84 at 1912 UTC) with oldies ?
edit : I tried with Twente SDR, at 1924, but that set was loosing the station every few seconds after locking (mini whip antenna not up to the task)
1938 pops, stable on 7725.88 - Could it be some Italian station testing ? 
1939 sudden off

PS. Where are you located Wojtek (quite approximately, which continent...)
edit : Thanks for the reply, 'eastern' or 'central' Europe was enough.
So the idea of Italy remains a good one.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: 5775 unid
« on: March 25, 2018, 2013 UTC »
Probably the same station is heard in Europe for hours now, on 5775 kHz,
playing crooners, jazz singers, musicals, movie songs...,
non stop, no announcements, no jingles, not a hint.

heard for hours today in Europe, now on the long skip,
in German, German pops
2332 music is back here, 2350 still on
edit : was probably on all the night, heard again at 0807 on Sunday 25 March,
playing "Final countdown", then off at 0810 approx.

2308 music, drums
2311 rap

2305 music, very weak, noisy
2315 carrier, no way to get audio here

2223 carrier, QRM freebander 6925 LSB
2226 music

Heard many times since Wednesday relaying a Caroline 558 recording or story, much talking and bits of music.

Radio Batavia now on 3940, probably for a couple of hours,
with pops andmany IDs, 2125 "Moscow Moscow"

2257 carrier on 6950.0 some audio Under noise level,still at 2301
2302 some music, but voiceQRM

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