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Toynbee Radio 6924.5 AM S1 in NY (Thanks to Bandarr3000 for spotting the carrier)

0218: So far just a signal with a hint of audio
0224: Off the air

UNID 6925 AM S3 in NY

0024: Punk ?
0026: Best Coast "Honey"
0029: Clown type voice said "This is Cookie" then into a new song
0031: OM gave an I.D. twice but couldn't make out what was said other then Radio then off the air

UNID 6955 USB S3 in NY

2343: OM talking with spacey music in background
2345: OM said "Time To Wake Up"
2348: Tool "Stinkfist"
0011: The Chemical Brothers "Free Yourself"
0014: Forest Swords "Crow"
0017: Blvck Ceiling "O"
0020: SSTV
0021: Off the air

UNID 6905 AM from 6895 AM S2 in NY

2247: Brian Protheroe "Pinball" (Only had music for about a minute, UTE on frequency also)
0006: Eagles "Try And Love Again"
0039: Creedence Clearwater Revival "Bad Moon Rising"
0120: Styx "Suite Madame Blue"

UNID 6920 USB S5 in NY

2152: Parliament "We Want The Funk"
2156: The Archies "Sugar Sugar"
2209: The Monkees "Daydream Believer"
2231: Petula Clark "Downtown"

UNID 6920 USB S3 in NY

2116: Comedy skit with audience laughter
2118: Off the air

Skippy Radio 6930 USB S3 in NY

2014: Pink Floyd "Time"
2015: Off the air
2019: Back on the air with Pink Floyd "Time"
2029: Black Sabbath now
2038: Alice In Chains "Dirt"
2046: Tool "Schism"
2103: Drowning Pool "Bodies"
2104: Saliva "Click Click Boom"
2120: Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
2124: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets "Found God In A Tomato"
2132: SSTV
2136: Another SSTV
2140: Off the air

Hip To Be Square Radio 6925 USB S5 in NY

1924: On the air with Huey Lewis & The News "Hip To Be Square" (parked on frequency)
1928: OM with a possible I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "The Heart Of Rock & Roll"
1932: OM talking, heard him mention PirateSWL into Huey Lewis & The News "Walking On A Thin Line"
1937: OM talking again but just can't pull out I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "Build Me Up"
1942: Hip To Be Square Radio I.D. (got it that time) & HipToBeSquareRadio@gmail.com e-mail given
1943: Huey Lewis & The News "Buzz Buzz Buzz"
1946: OM with another I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "Doin' It (All For My Baby)"
1950: OM with shout to Brian D. and gave another I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "Whole Lotta Lovin'"
1955: Huey Lewis & The News "Honky Tonk Blues"
1957: OM with another I.D. and mention of the HFU and an I.D. into Huey Lewis & The News "You Crack Me Up"
2003: Huey Lewis & The News "I Want A New Drug"

CarpetShark 6950 USB S1-S2 in NY

1824: Harry Belafonte "Jump In The Line" (Love this song)
1831: Big Joe Turner "Shake, Rattle & Roll"
1834: Big fade in signal unfortunately, under the noise
1838: Faded back in with Jerry Lee Lewis "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin'' On"
1841: "Dance All Night"
1844: SSTV
1848: SSTV
1850: Off the air

WGAY 6955 USB S2-S3 in NY

1802: Diana Ross "I'm Coming Out"
1806: This Is WGAY I.D. several times over orchestral music "From The Top Of The World Building" This Is Mr. Peaches ! Sissyboyradio@gmail.com
1808: Tove Lo "Disco Tits"
1812: Another I.D. into Spice Girls "Wannabe"
1815: Mr. Peaches with e-mail & I.D. into Lady Gaga "Born This Way"
1819: Hey It's Mr. Peaches ! Additional e-mail into Culture Club "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me"
1855: Irene Cara "Flashdance (What A Feeling)"
1859: Laura Branigan "Gloria"
1904: Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
1907: Mr. Peaches with additional I.D.'s & e-mail into Sam Smith "I'm Not The Only One"
1912: Additional I.D.'s & e-mail address
1914: Off the air

Nuttin’ On Shortwave 6924.7 AM S5-S9 in NY

0003: AC/DC “What Do You Do For Money Honey”
0006: The Ultimate Turkeyneck, The Crusher On The Mix with an I.D., and mentioned propagation and storm noise into AC/DC “Givin’ The Dog A Bone”
0010: The Crusher with a shout out to Refmo and Brian D (definitely gotta get a beer brother, Happy 4th and thanks for being on)

Video clip of broadcast: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=QczPmrKZcOo

UNID 6875 USB S3 in NY

2353: SSTV
2354: Off the air

Robin Hood Radio 6930 USB S2-S4 in NY

2256: Barry McGuire “Eve Of Destruction
2259: Violent Femmes “American Music”
2307: David Bowie “I’m Afraid Of Americans”
2349: SSTV
2352: Chuck Ragan “California Burritos”
2357: Beulah “Rust With Me”
2358: Clear Robin Hood Radio I.D. by OM 2 times
2359: OM says he is drinking Mike’s Hard Mango (On my 3rd Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade myself)
0001: Frank Black And The Catholics “Pan American Highway”

Radio Gaga 6925 USB S3-S5 in NY

0213: SSTV
0216: Off the air

Mix Radio International 6877 USB S7 in NY

0138: On the air with The Cranberries "Linger"
0142: Toto "Africa"
0147: Paramore "Decode"
0151: The Spinners "It's A Shame"
0154: New York Voices "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"
0159: Chicane "Saltwater"

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