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UNID 6955 USB S3-S5 in NY (Came on right after Captain Morgan signed off on 6950 AM)

0010: On the air with Blues Delight "Slightly Hung Over"
0015: Outhouse Radio I.D. into Gene Deer "Midnight Healing"
0023: OM back on the mic into Chris Bell Blues "Cold Hearted Woman"
0029: Scott Holt "I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living"
0035: Bernard Allison "Help Me Through The Day"
0041: Luther Snakeboy Johnson "Lonesome In My Bedroom"
0048: Another I.D. intoGary B.B. Coleman "One Eyed Woman"
0052: Aynsley Lister "Need Her So Bad"
0059: Another I.D. into SSTV

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6950.2 AM S3-S4 in NY

2337: The Manhattan Transfer "Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone"
2338: Led Zeppelin "Black Dog"
2342: ZZ Top "Legs"
2357: Bachman Turner Overdrive "Takin' Care Of Business"
0000: The Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
0003: Twilight Zone Theme into Everclear "AM Radio"
0008: Twilight Zone Theme and a "This Is Captain Morgan SHortwave" I.D.
0009: Off the air

Radio Azteca Relay 5190 AM S2-S6 in NY

1727: Bram Stoker with a Radio Azteca I.D. and reading listener correspondence with one mentioning Ace Ventura.
1734: “Radio Azteca, more fun to listen to then a ham contest” into a skit about QSL cards

Video clip of relay: https://youtu.be/6wB-lb66UAw

80’s Forever Radio 4180 USB S1-S2 in NY

0410: Madness “Our House”
0411: The Sound “Silent Air”
0416: UB40 “Red Red Wine”
0419: The Passage “The Half Of It: Sissies”
0421: I.D. into The Clash & Joe Strummer & Mick Jones & Paul Simon & Topper Headon “Washington Bullets”
0425: A Flock Of Seagulls “Messages”

Latin American Pirate / Re: RCOV 6905.96 USB 0045 UTC 5 November 2020
« on: November 05, 2020, 0412 UTC »
R.O.C.V. 6906 CUSB S1-S2 in NY

0410: OM talking, probable I.D., clearly can hear him say Venezuela
0411: Back into the music

Obiden Radio 3255 USB S1 in NY

0400: Joe Biden speech
0401: SSTV
0403: Back into Biden speaking
0404: Biden talking with crazy reverb

KPRX 6925 NIL in NY (S5-S7 on FL SDR)

0255: Metallica “Sad But True”
0257: You are listening to KPRX Radio live on 6925 USB. You can email us at kprxradio@gmail.com
0258: Here is the last song on this election evening into Rage Against The Machine “Justify”
0302: That was Rage Against The Machine “Justify” and this is Kilo Papa Radio X-Ray kprxradio@gmail.com then off the air

Latin American Pirate / R.O.C.V. 6906 CUSB 0415 UTC 2 NOV 2020
« on: November 02, 2020, 0417 UTC »
R.O.C.V. 6906 CUSB S1-S3 in NY

0415: Armando Martinez “Proyecto De Amor”

Mix Radio International 6882 USB S1-S2 in NY

2235: Five Seasons Feat. Marisol Costa “Reversing Realities”

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6872 AM S5-S9 in NY

2227: EDM music
2228: Captain Morgan Shortwave I.D.
2230: Twilight Zone theme remix then into chainsaw sound effects
2231: Michael Jackson “Thriller”
2233: Nooshi The Balloon Dude “Trick Or Treat”
2236: Napoleon XIV “They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”
2239: Monster's Halloween Dance Music ft. Tom Rossi “Ultimate Halloween Music Dance Remix-Night On Bald Mountain”

UNID 6945 USB S4-S5 in NY

2215: You See Watson... Our Murderer Is A Man With Immense Strength
2226: Where Are We Going Holmes, I Am More Confused The Ever

WTF Radio Worldwide 6925 USB S1-S6 in NY

2201: The Doors “Riders On The Storm”
2217: John Lennon “Cold Turkey” (Signal shot up to S5-S6 all of a sudden)
2220: WTF Radio Worldwide I.D. into Alice Cooper “Desperado”

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6950 AM S5-S7 in NY

2155: Twilight Zone Theme then a “This Is Captain Morgan Shortwave” I.D. into rules for Ghosts & Goblins
2157: James Egbert “Thriller”
2200: Off the air

Outhouse Radio 6960 LSB S 2-S3 in any

2154: Cab Calloway “The Nightmare”
2224: “The Monster Mash”

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