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Underground Radio 6924.8 AM S3-S7 in NY

0026: Devo “Baby Talkin’ Bitches”
0028: Devo “U Got Me Bugged”
0030: Signal dropped out unfortunately

Uncle Zeke 6931 S5-S6 in NY

2339: The Everly Brothers “Let It Be Me” and short snippets of several songs

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6950 AM S5-S7 in NY

2333: Captain Morgan Shortwave I.D. into Brewer & Shipley “One Toke Over The Line”
2336: Buffalo Springfield “For What It’s Worth”

UNID 6925 USB S3 in NY

2330: Turned on the radio to hear a SSTV then the station went off the air

2333: Back on with another SSTV

WLIS 5130 USB S3 in NY

0005: Voice Of The Andes I.D. then music
0011: Voice Of Korea I.D.

Sick Radio 6933 USB S1 in NY (Just audio, no signal)

1842: Marilyn Manson “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”
1843: Zeke on the mic with a Sick Radio I.D. into Disturbed “Stupify”
1848: Zeke with another I.D. into Godsmack “Voodoo”

Voice Of Pancho Villa 5185 AM S5-S6 in NY

1813: This is the Voice of Pancho Villa I.D. several times, coming to you from PA. I am afraid Pancho has erectile distinction !

Pirate Radio Relay Network 4020 USB S1-S3 in NY

0118: Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden rap ?
0120: Political news clips and mention of voter fraud into Beastie Boys “Sabotage”
0124: Pirate Radio Relay Network I.D. several times then Radio 48 I.D. over air raid siren

KIND 6925 USB S1-S3 in NY

2155: Arther Blue “Lost In Time”
2147: Sail West “Future”
2200: 2 & 3 Goat “Young Man” (brief peak up to S3)
2205: KIND I.D. by Zeke

Ultra Shortwave Radio 4020 USB S1-S3 in NY

0012: Depeche Mode “Strangelove”
0014: Camouflage “The Great Commandment”
0016: I.D. into The Lightning Seeds “Pure”
0020: Duran Duran “New Moon On Monday”
0021: Email UltraShortwave@protonmail.com over the music
0026: Ultra Shortwave Radio I.D. into Care “Flaming Sword”

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/tZIq-YgYncI

Outhouse Radio 6950 USB S1 in NY (just audio, no signal)

2123: Seals & Croft “Summer Breeze”
2124: SSTV
2125: Outhouse Radio I.D. by OM
2128: The Archies “Sugar, Sugar”

TRI International 6925 USB S1-S5 in NY

1510: Robin S “Luv 4 Luv”
1514: Jomanda “Got A Live For You”
1518: Crystal Waters “Malik’ Happy” (signal shot up to S4)
1520: Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On” (This jam right here is the bomb)
1522: I.D. into Delegation “Where Is The Love”
1524 David Grant & Jackie Graham “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” (peaking S5 now)
1530: Barry White “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe” with a little bit of Raze “Break For Love” mixed in

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/7McRFNB5bIg

The Relay Station 5150 AM S5-S7 in NY

1815: Beirut “Landslide”
1818: Yo La Tango “You Can Have It All” (peaking S7 now)
1823: Hop Along “How Simple”

Radio Free Whatever 4020 USB S3-S5 in NY

0118: The Snuts “Always”
0121: DJ Dickweed on the mic with a Radio Free Whatever I.D. and talk about not getting laid on Valentine’s Day into Frankie and the Witch Fingers “Where’s Your Reality ?”

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