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UNID 6930 USB S1-S2 in NY

1906: Weak SSTV
1908: Infected Mushroom ft. Berry Sakharof  “Static Dancin’”
1912: Another SSTV
1913: Infected Mushroom “Return To The Sauce”

Radio Nova 6935 USB S1-S3 in NY

2146: Bachman ft. Peter Frampton “Heavy Blues”
2148: “You Are Listening To Radio Nova” I.D. and email into Melissa Etheridge “Monster”
2152: Robert Plant “Heaven Knows”

Robinhood Radio 6950 USB S1-S4 in NY

0157: Sundowner “Midsummer Classic”

Enigma Seven 6935 USB S1-S5 in NY (frequency extremely noisy for me unfortunately)

2134: Relay of a Radio Netherlands show with YL & OM
2149: OM talking about Asian broadcasts (Voice of Mongolia)
2151: This Is Enigma Seven Calling Interval Signal then into a SSTV
2154: Off the air

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/5I0nbqpldcU

Outhouse Radio 6925 USB S1-S2 in NY

2052: Just caught the tail end of a song then into a sweeping tone
2053: OM shouting out to Redhat

Outhouse Radio 6955 USB S2-S5 in NY

0023: Puddles Pity Party “Wicked Game”
0025: SSTV
0027: Pink Floyd “Dogs”

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/gbkkdlCUT7U

All India Radio relay 6925 USB S1-S2 in NY

2104: Asian style instrumental music
2105: OM talking but hard to make out what he is saying other then “Stay Tuned” at the end
2106: Briefly played more instrumental music now someone talking in a foreign language, possibly French ?

Hearing something strange on 1710 AM at the moment. Something being repeated over & over. Not sure if it’s just the letter W being repeated rapidly or the word Audio ?

Damn Skippy 6935 USB S3-S5 in NY

0227: SSTV then an OM talking fast about radar & polaroids
0229: OM rattling off a bunch of CB terms
0231: Breaker 1, this is the Bandit, is the Snowman out there into the Bandit theme
0239: Another SSTV

Sycko Radio 6930 USB NIL in NY (S3-S5 on Chris's 900 foot skyloop)

2102: OM repeating "Don't Touch That Dial" several times into Turbonegro "Suffragette City"
2105: Underground Resistance "Kill My Radio Station"
2108: EDM song that Shazam won't I.D.
2110: New Order "Blue Monday"
2113: Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" (Eric Prydz Remix)
2118: Sycko Radio I.D. over the music with some commentary
2122: Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall" (Eric Prydz Remix)
2124: OM with another I.D. into Ersedu "Snake"

Radio Illuminati 5185 AM S7 in NY

1916: Derek & The Dominos "Bell Bottom Blues"
1919: John Lennon "Jealous Guy"
1924: Cat Stevens "The Hurt"
1928: Radio Illuminati I.D. & email address into Neil Young "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
1932: Grateful Dead "Bertha"

Outhouse Radio 6950 USB NIL in NY (S5 on Ohio SDR)

1835: Eiffel 65 "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"

UNID 6964.7 AM NIL in NY (Peaking S5 on Chris's 900 foot skyloop)

1735: Moon Duo "Lost Heads"
1737: Moon Duo "Lost In Light"
1739: Moon Duo "Mirror's Edge"
1742: Moon Duo "The Crystal World"
1745: Off the air

Captain Morgan Shortwave 6950.1 AM S2-S3 in NY

0322: James Harman Band "Darlin'"
0323: Captain Morgan Shortwave I.D. into Jimmy Morello "Sugar And Honey"
0330: Jools Holland "Bad Luck Blues"

Robinhood Radio 6930 USB S2-S3 in NY

0232: Someone on, hearing low music, hard to make out with peskies
0233: OM talking, announcing next track, then gave a Robinhood Radio I.D., then talking about a find on eBay
0235: Ja-Man All Stars "Big Spliff"
0238: Rooster & tree frog sound effects ?
0243: Bunny Gale "In The Burning Sun (Jah Ho)"

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