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Moonlight Radio 6945 USB S1 in NY

2238: Moonlight Radio YL I.D. into Free "All Right Now"
2244: The Beatles "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
2248: I.D. & e-mail into The Who "Pinball Wizard"
2253: Elton John "Benny And The Jets"
2257: I.D. into Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"
2301: Rod Stewart "Maggie May"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 AM 1557 UTC 10/9/16
« on: October 09, 2016, 1600 UTC »
Doctor Detroit 6930 AM S7 in NY

1558: Beatles "Get Back"
1601: Led Zeppelin "Your Time Is Gonna Come"
1606: The Rolling Stones "Monkey Man"
1610: Possible I.D. by OM but had static at that moment
1611: Jefferson Airplane "A Song For All Seasons"
1614: Grateful Dead "St. Stephen"
1619: Pink Floyd "A Saucerful of Secrets"
1631: Doctor Detroit said "Broadcasting from the old Packard Motor Building"
1632: Traffic "Empty Pages"
1637: Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship "Starship"
1644: The Beatles "Dig A Pony"
1648: Jimi Hendrix "All Along The Watchtower"
1652: Ten Years After "I'd Love To Change The World" (for Skipmuck)
1657: Steppenwolf "Magic Carpet Ride"
1701: Cream "White Room"
1706: The Millenium "Karmic Dream Sequence #1"
1711: Dusty Springfield "Spooky"
1714: Pirate Operators Relay Network I.D.
1715: The Beatles "Back In The U.S.S.R."
1718: Booker T. & The MG's "Soul Dressing"
1720: The Who "Going Mobile"
1724: Paul McCartney "Another Day"
1729: Beggars Opera "Nimbus"
1732: Neil Young "Heart Of Gold"
1735: Steely Dan "Dirty Work"
1738: Cat Stevens "Sitting"
1741: It's A Beautiful Day "White Bird" (for Flexoman61)
1747: The Animals "We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place" (for JoeFLIPS)
1751: The Rolling Stones "Happy"
1753: Serge Gainsbourg "Je T'aime Moi" (for CT Yankee)
1758: Doctor Detroit announcing the show is over, go tune somewhere else !
1800: Off the air

90.7 FM WGXC Relay 6925 USB S7-S9 in NY

1431: On the air with Otis Redding "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"
1434: Stevie Wonder "Do I Do"
1439: Van Morrison "Wild Night"
1443: Marvin Gaye "Distant Lover"
1447: Curtis Mayfield "Superfly"
1451: Diana Ross "Have Fun (Again)"
1453: Blossom Dearie "The Party's Over"
1455: Teddy Charles "How Deep Is The Ocean"
1500: 90.7 FM WGXC Hudson, NY Relay I.D. and start of Jason Smith's Deplorable Radio Show
1503: U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
1509: Off the air

eQSL via wgxcrelay@gmail.com *New Info*

Radio Paisano 6925 AM S5-S7 in NY

1257: Lou Monte "Please Mr. Columbus (Turn The Ship Around)"
1259: Lou Monte "Paul Revere's Horse"
1301: Julius La Rosa "Eh Cumpari"
1303: Italian song possibly "Baciagaloop" ?
1306: I.D. into Lou Monte "Skinny Lena"
1309: Lou Monte "The Italian Cowboy Song"
1311: I.D. "Viva Italia" into Lou Monte "Pistol Packin' Mama"
1313: Lou Monte "Have Another"
1315: Lou Monte "Pepino, The Italian Mouse"
1321: Lou Monte "Pepino's Friend Pasqual"
1325: Italian hora type song
1328: I.D. with e-mail
1333: Lou Monte "Che La Luna Mezzo Mare"
1335: I.D. with "Arrivederci" and instrumental music
1337: "Mamma Mia That's A Spicy Meatball" then off the air

PeeWee 6925 USB S1 in NY

0302: Pete Griffin clip ? Something about World of Sports ?
0303: OM talking but hard to make out what is being said
0307: talking about burning plastics, oil taxes
0309: talking about  something having no sense of right & wrong
0310: Catman ? Goes back thousands of years
0312: Off the air
0313: Ted Nugent "Cat Scratch Fever" (S3-S5 now)
0316: back to the OM talking about cats
0319: Talk about Unicorns & Bigfoot existing and Barn cats.
0324: My name is Rooskie ? and my conversion to cats
0327: OM talking over music
0331: YL talking about a song they wrote "Don't You Leave You Pretty Thing" ?
0334: Lee DeWyze "Blackbird Song"
0339: Bagpipes
0342: Royal Scots Dragon Guards "Last Of The Mohicans"
0347: OM talking over trippy dance music
0348: Talk about a bird with luminous wings
0350: CW possible I.D. ?
0351: CW again
0353: More CW then off the air (PeeWee?)

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/ZvdPesnIr20

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB *0114 UTC 10/9/16
« on: October 09, 2016, 0126 UTC »
UNID 6925 USB S2-S3 in NY

0123: Playing a cool dance track
0133: Led Zeppelin "Four Sticks"
0134: Off the air

Wolverine Radio 6950 USB S5 in NY

2336: Wolverine Radio I.D. into The Marx Brothers "Animal Crackers: Why Am I So Romantic"
2345: I.D. into Glenn Miller "I Know Why"
2351: Bull Moose Jackson "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me"
2354: I.D. into Hank Williams "Why Don't You Love Me"
2359: Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
0001: I.D. into Jackie Wilson "That's Why (I Love You)"

Moonlight Radio 6940 USB S5 in NY

2250: Jazzy version of "Old McDonald"
2252: Moonlight Radio I.D.
2258: I.D.
2304: I.D.
2305: "Venus" (now we are talkin')
2313: John Mellencamp "Pink Houses"
2321: I.D. into Dire Straits "Money For Nothing"
2326: Duran Duran "A View To A Kill"
2329: I.D. and off the air

Radio Free Ramones 6925 USB S7-S9 in NY

2202: On the air with Ramones "Life's A Gas"
2207: Radio Free Ramones I.D. into "Howling At The Moon (Sha-La-La)"
2211: "The KKK Took My Baby Away"
2213: "Rockaway Beach" (love this track)
2215: I.D. with e-mail address into "Cretin Hop"
2218: "This Ain't Havana"
2220: "The Return Of Jackie And Judy"
2223: "California Sun"
2225: "My Back Pages"
2227: I.D. & e-mail again into "The Shape Of Things To Come"
2229: "I Don't Want To Grow Up"
2231: "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"
2233: I.D. with "All Ramones All The Time" into "I Wanna Be Sedated"
2236: "Commando"
2238: "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue"
2240: I.D. with e-mail again into "Pet Sematary"
2246: I.D. with e-mail again
2248: Off the air

Radio Paisano 6925 AM S5 in NY

1954: Louis Prima "Baciagaloop"
1957: Comedy skit
2002: "Momma How I Missed Your ?" Italian song
2005: I.D. into Sofia Loren "Tu Vuo Fa L'americano"
2009: Lou Monte "Where Do You Work Marie (Where Do You Work-A John)"
2011: Unknown Italian song
2014: I.D. and e-mail into Louis Prima "Felicia No Capicia"
2016: Louis Prima "Luigi"
2019: Lou Monte "Twist Italiano"
2024: Bette Midler "Mambo Italiano"
2027: I.D. with "Arrivederci" and instrumental music
2028: "Mamma Mia That's A Spicy Meatball" then off the air

Radio Piasano 6925 AM S3-S5

1349: Lou Monte "Dominick The Donkey" (Christmas Classic)
1351: Unknown Italian song
1353: Radio Piasano I.D. into Louis Prima "Angelina"
1358: Louis Prima "Baciagaloop"
1401: Comedy skit
1406: "Momma How I Missed Your ?" Italian song
1409: I.D. into Sofia Loren "Tu Vuo Fa L'americano"
1413: Lou Monte "Where Do You Work Marie (Where Do You Work-A John)"
1415: Unknown Italian song
1418: I.D. and e-mail into Louis Prima "Felicia No Capicia"
1420: Louis Prima "Luigi"
1423: Lou Monte "Twist Italiano"
1428: Bette Midler "Mambo Italiano"
1431: I.D. with "Arrivederci" and instrumental music
1432: "Mamma Mia That's A Spicy Meatball" then off the air

Moonlight Radio 6935 USB S1 in NY

0035: Van Morrison "Have I Told You Lately"

0037: Van Morrison "Wild Night"

0040: Them "Baby Please Don't Go"

0043: Moonlight Radio I.D. into "Oye Como Va"

0048: "Besame Mucho"

Video clip of broadcast: https://youtu.be/X4RW1PtUaKI

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 LSB 0019z
« on: October 08, 2016, 0021 UTC »
UNID 6930 LSB S3 in NY

0019: Tunes of Fantasy "My World"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6933 LSB 0004z
« on: October 08, 2016, 0008 UTC »
UNID 6933 LSB S3-S5

0003: Matheus & Kauan "A Rosa E O Beija-Flor"

0005: Alan Jackson "When Somebody Loves You"

0009: Alan Jackson "Chattahoochee"

UNID 6919 LSB S1 in NY

Been listening since 2210 and keep hearing a minute of instrumental music then off then back on. Did hear a male speaking in what I thought was Brazilian

2223: Instrumental version of Killing Me Softly with Brazilian OM singing. S3 now

2257: Still going strong with instrumental music now peaking S5

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