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Solid S9, Westminster MD SDR

2341  The Marriage of Figaro - Europa Philharmonic Orchestra
2345  The Golden Cockerel Suite - St Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra
2349  Ballet Music from Faust - London Symphony Orchestra

Great signal and soothing to listen to on a local morning here !  Thanks for the music.

2354  Just breaking through the noise, S3-5 Twente SDR, Enschede NL
         Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli.  Didn't need Shazam for that one !

Good clear signal, S5-7 Concord NH SDR.

2318  Talk about alien abductions / state of conscoiusness
2323  Talk about the makeup of the brain and electrical stimulation
2326  Brief OC, talk about couple abducted in 1961

Weak but audible through static S3, Twente SDR, Enschede NL !

2330  UK accented program about Britain's most celebrated UFO sightings

Interesting !

2119  Finzi: Romance in E-Flat Major by Northern Sinfonia
2123  Signal dropped in level, mixing with weak voices (peskies ?)

S9 Westminster MD SDR  Clear and stable.

'Million Dollar Weekend' program, nice audio and quite a stable signal.

20:23  JB Thomas - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
20:26  'Yeah Man is back' then The Cowsills - Hair
20:29  Jackie Deshannon - Put A Little Love In Your Heart
20:32  Flying Machine - Smile A Little Smile For Me
20:35  Shoutout to HFU listeners

S7-8 Westminster MD SDR.  Thaanks for the memories !

20:17  The Pressure by Sounds of Blackness
20:24  Closing announcements then Pink Floyd (live version) Signs Of Life
20:28  Sign-off.

Thanks for the show !  Great signal S9 +10 Westminster MD SDR.

Hints of a signal across the pond on an Irish SDR also !

01:02  Mean Streets - Van Halen
01:05  Sounds like a grizzly bear with toothache at the mic - but upon a second listen yes it could be farts !
01:08  OM prog sounding light rock
01:12  Hole In The Sky - Back Sabbath
01:16  NIB - Black Sabbath
01:22  Gone Shootin' - AC-DC (some Aussie culture here),
01:27  Cheap Whiskey - Martina McBride
01:30  SSTV - Damn Skippy !
01:31  Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name

S6-7 Westminster MD SDR.  Thanks for the music !!

00:53  ID & Lightning Crashes - Live (noted with the occasional static crash !)
00:57  Even Flow - Pearl Jam, now we have presumed Ballsmacker signing on and mixing with the signal

Nice signal, solid S7 Westminster MD SDR

Full sounding signal, Newton NH SDR (W1NT)

02:06  Chic - I Want Your Love
02:11  Brief host, then Nick Lowe - I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
02:15  Male host, then Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost
02:20  Signal dropping and static taking over.

Thanks for the show !!

S9 on peaks with static crashes in the background.

Presume this, actually improving as time passes.

22 AUG
01:10  Rock/soul songs, none of which I knew,
01:20  Lifehouse - Halfway Gone
01:24  Heart - Dog & Butterfly
01:29  Lionel Ritchie - Hello

S7 over static bursts.  Westminster MD SDR

00:46  Dawn - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
00:49  ID & '6925, always live...' then song I Know A Place - Petula Clark
00:52  ID then My Boy Lollipop - Brenda Lee
00:55  Shoutouts, song Last Kiss - J Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers

Decent signal, S7 Westminster MD SDR

Thanks for the show !

23:15  SSTV (flag)
23:17  Knockin On Heaven's Door

S5 with static, Westminster MD SDR

00:50  Electronic instrumental music,
00:53  Announcements re music played and having 'only one CD player',
00:54  Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits,
00:59  Chat re being thrown off-air for once playing Dire Straits, and the lightning outside,
01:00  Red Winged Blackibird - OM
01:02  Young Henry The Poacher - OM
01:05  Announcements, then Blues Ain't Nothin' by Taj Mahal.

S7 Westminster MD SDR with static bursts.

Thanks for the show !

23:35  Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf
23:39  Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
23:42  ID 'Lock It In.  This is The Vault', OM pop,
23:44  Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones
23:47  ID then Tragedy - Bee Gees

Thanks for the music !

Decent signal, S8 Newton NH (W1NT) SDR

03:17  Announcements with echo,
03:19  Light blues music, blues song by a male singer,
03:25  'That's right ladies & gentlemen, you are listening to Al Fansome Radio... going to 5.145 MHz...'

S7 W1NT SDR, Newton NH

03:27  Found at 5145 USB, ID then blues song but at a slightly weaker level (S5 with static).

Thanks for the show !

03:14  Announcement, male pop,
03:20  ID 'This is New World Radio... absolutely necessary', then SSTV 'You've Been Hypnotized',
03:22  Off

S-7-8 W1NT SDR, Newton NH

Thanks for the show !

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