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Equipment / Radio Jay's AM Portable 2018 Shootout!
« on: April 27, 2018, 1719 UTC »
Busy AM radio Friday for me, then comes news that Radio Jay Allen updated his AM Radio Shootout,     https://radiojayallen.com/am-portables-mega-shootout-2016-update/      WARNING!!!!! The following maybe a fun read! Yeah, Radio Jay doesn't use measured spec's in his write-ups, but then again the average Joe / Jane may make more sense of these.

General Radio Discussion / LPAM proposals, studies, and map.
« on: April 27, 2018, 1659 UTC »
Neat link to check out the somewhat growing interest in an expanded licensed LPAM movement. I say expanded, since we have a working (Watered down.), LPAM model in TIS stations. Then, you have Part #15 AM stations. All covered via this page and links,   http://recnet.com/?q=lpam    In my mind, LPAM could cover as well, if not better than LPFM in various areas, especially Geographically filtered areas, (a.k.a. hills and valleys.). What do ya think? I still believe that a 10W LPAM station would work in various areas. I still say, if the FCC wants AM Revitalization, let us have it! (Thank you Boomer for sharing this info!)

One big problem with these new AM stationed FM translators is that they've put them on FREQ's where out of town stations have come in just fine. Oh sure, on paper with the 1mV/M contours they may seem fine and clear, but most of us know that FM stations go well beyond that. This morning, while listening to the WCHS 580AM Charleston, WV FM translator, that country bumpkin blow torch station from Williamson, WV was popping through this morning. A station well over 100 miles south of me, in my very bad FM direction geographically. So, you can't stop tropo propagation, even with a well crowded FM dial. Just more RF crap to skip over when conditions have it. Damn, I miss FM DX'ing some 30 years ago.

Ripped from The FRN.net,       http://www.frn.net/vines/read.php?3,6295,6295   Hope he pulls through!

      Yeah, the move in some CB communities is to go from CB to the license-free 5 channel VHF MURS band,    https://www.itstactical.com/digicom/comms/the-best-kept-secret-in-radio-communication/   I've been into it since 2002. Many CB'ers (That know about it.), are doing dual 27MHz CB and MURS. Most do it for the variety, get away from F2 and E-Skip, and to get away from 27MHz CB jerks. MURS can skip though, via temperature inversions. Not really thousands of miles, but more like hundreds. The same time that you notice distant NOAA Weather 162MHz stations, TV stations, and FM broadcast stations, MURS DX is possible. Case in point, on some early mornings, a friend of mine near the PA border would be able to talk to Buffalo, NY stations on MURS CH1. In Canada, I don't think that they have MURS, yet. (It's been proposed up there.), but at times the London, ON, Canada ambulance dispatch can be heard on our MURS CH3 well over 200 miles away. Legally, at 2W out, using LMR400 coax, and putting that VHF antenna above the tree line, you can possibly get +20 miles out base to base. If you are a hill topper, sky's the limit in range. Even if you are not up in the clouds waving HI to airplanes, flat terrain, a wide-open valley, near the shore of a large lake, or sea, you can expect some decent ranges there. Yeah, there's activity still in the license-free UHF FRS band, like kids, hunters, traffic routing in constructions, etc., but most folks believe that they only go as far as you can throw them. And, depending on where you use them, that can be true. MURS does penetrate foliage better than FRS, albeit not much. So, my question is, who's using MURS around you? (Besides Walmart on CH's 4 and 5.) Maybe we should have an open thread on the MURS band? Passing thoughts here.

General Radio Discussion / The Luxembourg Effect. Ever heard it?
« on: February 15, 2018, 1754 UTC »
     Anyone ever heard this?      http://wshu.org/post/luxembourg-effect#stream/0

Not that it will work for anyone outside of S. Korea, but is there a listing of the FREQ's and modes that's used by the Olympic IOC?

General Radio Discussion / AM Rally weekend of Feb. 3rd - 4th!
« on: February 02, 2018, 1804 UTC »
In amateur radio The AM Rally is to go on,  http://www.amrally.com/  Should be fun. So, if you don't have an SSB rig, you can listen to the fun on FREQ's like 1860kHz, 3880kHz, 7295kHz, 14.286MHz, 29.000MHz, and 50.400MHz. Who knows, there might even be 2M AM activity from 144.250MHz and maybe 144.300MHz. Tune-in, check it out! (Especially if the Superbowl sucks.)

General Radio Discussion / The NAB likes to nab.
« on: January 28, 2018, 0422 UTC »
        Not big news, but                        http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/washington/nab-seeks-intervene-prometheus-challenge-fcc-decision/171393                  Worth at least paying attention too. BTW, Prometheus was (Still is.), big into LPFM.

Equipment / PKs Loops Model A-LOOP-TAM AM Loop Antenna review.
« on: January 19, 2018, 2049 UTC »
Thus far, I've made my own loop antennas, but being an ex-apartment dweller, I like checking out how these do out there, and Radio Jay Allen does that here,    https://radiojayallen.com/pks-loops-a-loop-tam-am-loop-antenna/

    JTA 1st listed this on The FRN.net. I'm getting it weak on a C Crane Radio Plus playing The Doors - Lite My Fire.

Yep, looks like C2C AM will be moving from 640AM Toronto to CFRB 1010 starting 1/1/2018. So what? Well, that means that C2C AM will then be on CFRX 6070kHz AM. So, Coast To Coast AM on shortwave. That would be a welcome addition to the bands.    https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/new-canadian-affiliates/

Other / 3916Khz Santa Nets are back.
« on: December 18, 2017, 1328 UTC »
     The annual Santa Nets are back on 3916LSB, nightly to 12/24/2017 at 01:30UTC, or 8:30PM EST. Neat, listening upon how they coordinate that. If you what to get the 'lil rugrats to QSO with Santa on your HAM station, e-mail     ke5ggy@gmail.com  , and you'll be given instructions. Ho-ho-ho...

General Radio Discussion / So, WTF happened to the Titus II?
« on: December 14, 2017, 1428 UTC »
      Huh? That SDR portable the Titus II should have been out by now.         https://titusradio.com/       Anyone heard anything? I've had one on pre-order for over a year now.

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