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As long as I was checking out radio documentary movies, I remember that another one was supposed to come out, if they got the funding to do so. 40W From Nowhere.   https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kblt/40-watts-from-nowhere-the-kblt-documentary   Well, that sucks. (Hey Andrew!!!! Do you see a potential Hobby Broadcasting podcast interview here?) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???

Did it!!!! Ordered the $6.00, 1080p, version of this movie. The other is a 4K, $7.00 version. In my mind, these are overkill, where 480p, would have been just fine. The 1080p version is a 7GB download, and took me about 30min with Starlink to do so. BTW, format is .MOV file, and you purchase that from We Transfer. If, you do buy and download, just be sure that you have the hard drive space and even the processor speeds to view this flick. This little netbook Lenovo that I'm typing on can just barely do that. Oh... I've tried to dump it to a 16GB USB 2.0 thumbdrive, but got a 'File To Large' error. (Really???) Even did a re-format of that drive, to dump anything in it. I had to use a 64GB USB thumbdrive to do a transfer. (So, what's up there?) Have not had time to watch this, yet, but from the 1min opener, it looks good. I, even want to rip the audio. So, some heads-up here. Enjoy...

I've just gotten the link for this,   https://www.35000watts.com/35000-watts-download-available-now/   I'd rather get the tangible DVD, but this can work as well.

https://www.radiosurvivor.com/2017/12/podcast-120-tiny-radio-station/     Heard WTSQ-LP 88.1FM Charleston, WV,   www.wtsq.org , re-air this podcast, Saturday 7/6/2024, morning on Part 15 radio, with guest Bill DeFelice.  Always, a good listen.

Hello NQC!!! Thanks, for the shout-out. My 1st apartment was GND-floor of a complex BLDG, and no outside antennas allowed. That, was 1989. So, I strung a long wire, from my then Sangean ATS-803A portable, to the inner perimeter pf the APT. And??? Better daytime reception, where I was able to verify Radio USA, but at night, failing mercury vapor lights pegged the meter with BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, spectrum-wide. I was even seeing some noise on analog UHF TV channels! So, my cure was to get the hell outta' there. However, for your situation, do you have and reachable soil, gardens, or grassy grounds, close to one of your APT windows? If so, then shallow-burying and insulated wire, (Whatever length you could get away with.), might not give you great reception, but should lower the noise levels to where you could hear something out there. A friend of mine turned me on to the W.O.G., = Wire On Ground. Being just for RX'ing, you could use smaller coax, like RG-174, or even RG-59 TV coax works great. I wouldn't use Twinlead, since it's not shielded. To enhance reception, having a Balun could help as well. I'm using the W2DU 4:1 Current Balun on my W.O.G. This time of year, I'll plug the W.O.G. into my bed-side ATS-803A portable and 'better listen' to C2C AM from either our 10-mile-away Graveyard 1kW AM station, on 1240AM, or other stations that carry C2C AM. I'll also listen and fall-asleep to 160M and 75M HAM's. A couple good features of your ATS-803A / DX-440 portable is great sensitivity, and a decent RF Gain POT, on it. Antenna-wise, another suggestion is to utilize any close-by trees, and run a long wire to that. Even, to use a brown colored 'zip-cord' and run VERT up a tree to hide it. (Hopefully, you are not in an HOA. They suck...) So, good luck to ya! And, THANKS!!!!! OH!!! Decent lightning proximity site? Try   https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#m=oss;t=3;s=0;o=0;b=;ts=0;y=41.0296;x=-87.0117;z=5; 

In my new gig, I was able to dumpster-dive for one of those so-called Power Converters, from WFCO, used for RV Camping Trailers. And, easy enough to fix, since clearly seen are two blown 200VDC, 680uF, electrolytic CAP's. And, not hard to believe upon how that blew. These so-called converters are really cheaply-made switching power supplies. You go from 120VAC line, through a slow-blow 5A, MDL, fuse, then a multi-wound torroid. Then, a heat sink mounted, big-ass, bridge rectifier, that must have a pretty high PIV and current rating, and then those electrolytic CAP's. I, replaced those CAP's with ones rated at 250VDC, 220uF, but paralleled a bank of them. Also seen is a fist-sized transformer, and a banks of what maybe TO-3-AP heatsink-mounted MOSFET's. Then, there's a VERT mounted board, probably for regulation and protection adjustments, since there are, set & glued, trimmer POT's on there. So, I suspect that those are for either VDC OUT ADJ, current limits, or even an over-voltage Crowbar function. (Here, I'm speculating, but might make some logical sense.) And, as a test, at power-up, it didn't blow-up in my face. My test loads were one of those older GE 12VDC Emergency lights and a dialysis pump motor, maybe MAX'ing-Out around 7A, but still something to test. And??? Dead-nuts 13.72VDC Output, with only a 4mV ripple measured, if that. Then, came the RF test with an Eton E-10 HF portable, where from MW to the FM BC band, it's whiny, RF GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, crazy! I did add extra filtering by the output, with a .33uF, 310VDC, CAP. And??? MW and lower HF were worst! It did help in upper HF, 25MHz - 30MHz, but didn't really help FM BC Band either. There's no really GND on this supply, only one marked 'FG' for Floating Ground. So, Good for motors, battery charging, 12VDC refrigerators, and 12VDC lighting? Sure... Radio stuff??? Hell, NO!!!! BTW, how you have an idea of current rating is the 'WF-89??' number. This unit is a WFCO model # WF-8955. That '55' tells ya that the MAX current rating is 55A. Pretty ballsy, until you put it to radio use. Sure, it will power a 200W Kenwood TS-480 transceiver, and even a 100W Vertex Standard commercial UHF 460MHz radio, both drawing around at least 40A , on transmit, but for RX'ing??? D.E.A.E.D!!!! (Don't Expect Anything Except Disappointment). So, what seems good, is not necessarily good for us. Still, I now have a brute-force bench-side power supply for power hungry tests, but not for testing receivers. BTW, lots of Youtube VID's on these. And, ebay and Amazon, sell these from $100.00 - $300.00. Worth it??? Not to me, but seen in a dumpster, it's pretty hard to pass-up.

Many Kenwood transceivers have a separate RX only input labeled 'HF RX ANT' , which is mainly and RCA female connector, that goes the the rig's RX / TX internal relay switching. Kind of sucks that it doesn't work past 30MHz, like for 6M. Oh BTW, not just Kenwoods, but my older Icom IC-745 transceiver has this RCA jacked loop-around connection, where unplugging that, and having only your receive-only antenna, plugged into that, works just the same.

At work, I was setting up a used VIBE Camper for resale, and this unit, from 2018, it had a Weingard Rotatable TV / FM antenna, and was able to hear WCST on the camper stereo. https://radio-locator.com/info/WCST-FM?loc=38.48830%2C-81.80511&locn=25159%20%28Poca%2C%20WV%29  Yeah, less than 1kW, at 15 miles from the TX site. Around 10AM EST, (14:00UTC, I believe.), that station was getting trounced by several stations just popping in and out quickly. No DX ID's, but I heard Arkansas mentioned on one station. By 10:40AM, it was just back to hearing only WCST again. Well, always neat to hear FM DX at work. Oh BTW, those disc-like, King TV antennas, that the newer campers seem to come with? Those are 100% total garbage!

Uh-huh... This weekend, the Amateur Radio bands will go nuts with activity for a 24hrs period.   https://www.arrl.org/field-day  But, if you should want to avoid this, then the WARC bands, and the 5MHz (60M), Band, is a great escape. One thing about this heatwave going on is for some nice enhancement in the higher VHF and UHF bands, with Tropo Propagation, especially late night and early mornings. I believe that National Simplex 146.520MHz FM is forbidden to use for contesting, but all other Simplex FREQ's should be game. Happy contesting???

Equipment / Re: Best MWDX antenna?
« on: June 10, 2024, 1144 UTC »
The Kenwood TS-2000 has a separate Beverage Antenna input, but only good for LF to 30MHz. Then, The Icom IC-745 has the RCA Phono Jacks Loop-Around jumper, where you can pull that jumper and add a separate antenna for receive there. However, to have only specific separate TX and RX antenna connectors? Well, a repeater comes to mind. 

For me, I am using original AKG #K240 headphones, commonly used buy Baby Boomers in broadcasting time-line period. On a robust Kenwood transceivers, they really bring out great broadcast-quality audio that some AM'er have, as well as ESSB'ers. That's my personal favorite headphones. I also have the Sony studio-standard-like headphones, more prone to what Gen X DJ's used.  Anyway, more folks' picks of headphone ratings, here.  https://www.eham.net/reviews/view-category?id=9

Yep, great for that as well, where multiple inputs, to a single outlet, is needed audio-wise. And yes, these mixers were, and still are, used by pirate ops. Dirty little secrete is that they were also used at college, and even commercial, radio stations. Hey, frequency-wise you've got broadcast spec's. Yes, engineers will gripe the the S/N Ratio might not quite be broadcast specs, but over-the-air, would the listener ever guess that? I doubt it... The bonus of these mixers is the fact that they are old-school, through-hole tech, meaning repairable by most folks and even some 21st Century upgrades could be added, like white LED's to the VU meters. And, schematics are still available for those. (Hmmmm... I wonder if I should scan and upload those to my Archive .ORG page?) And, you will still see these at flea-markets, Hamfests, junk stores, garage sales, whatever. If you see either model, 32-1100, or 32-1200, grab it. 

Equipment / Don't pass up those 1980's Radio Shack Mixers!
« on: May 23, 2024, 2019 UTC »
With the Vinyl Revival now in a full-swing, let's talk about gear to use with that vinyl. OK, you have a couple of turntables, that use magnet cartrige pick-ups, but no line-level preamps built-in. You could buy a Magnet Level to Line-Level extrnal preamp, but one tool that I've always found useful, from the 1980's, 1990's, and even more so now, are the cheap Radio Shack, Realistic Mixing boards, CAT # 32-1200 and #32-1100, as seen from this link.    https://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/flipbook/1986_radioshack_catalog.html?fb3d-page=53    Many of today's cheap and moderately priced mixers do not have an input for Magnet Cartrige Level turntables, but these mixers did, and are still widely available used. Yes, they will require clean-up, and some maintenance, like spraying contact cleaner in the slide POT's, RCA Phono Inputs / Outputs, switches, Cue buttons, and headphone jack. However, very doable. Want to add cassette decks, DVD audio, CD payer, Open Reel Deck, MiniDisc, 8-Track, MP3 audio, or something else? These mixers will still perform and be very valid to do so, today. I, have several of these mixers in my production A/V studios and On-Air Part 15 studio, and they are by no means obsolete. If, you see them for cheap, don't pass them up.

https://www.radiosurvivor.com/2024/05/podcast-341-the-distorted-history-of-the-cassette-tape/    As long as this thread post is cover the subject. I became aware of the latest RS podcast on Thursday 5/16/2024. Had I known that they were going to do so, I would have FWR'ed them our posts and comments on cassettes. Enjoy.

Wasn't even looking for it, but was within a Memory Channel window of 6925kHz, so seen it on that 'lil Xiegu G90 SDR view. Caught 04:57UTC with that weird, heavy, digital edit of Hokus Pokus - Focus, then followed by a very racial country tune, with the "N" word all over it. Gone, at 05:03UTC. Good signal, at an S7. Decent audio for USB mode as well, and on FREQ. It was different.

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