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Yeah, I agree... Not a pirate, but some neat news upon police two-way radio mischievousness. And, I've FWD that to Amateur Radio Newsline, as they usually carry news like this, when they hear about. So, THANKS!!!!!

Signal-wise??? I have X100 amount of signal from the wifi MODEM, than I do from the Indoor Antenna from the WeBoost. Signal RF Out has got to be in the pW, (picowatts.), if that. Not being line-of-sight from a cell tower only boosts me usable signal indoors, where I had none before hand. Also, I do not have the system even working at it's MAX potential. I 1/2-ass set it up, when everyone was out of the house, and out of town. My MIN antennas distance, (For Indoor and outdoor.), from each other are suppose to be 50ft HORZ and 20ft VERT, and they are not. I do having it working to the point where it senses total RF feedback and auto shutdown, which it does. So, still working out the bugs for my particular location. The outside beam is bouncing off a hill right now. Will this change when foliage is off of the trees? Maybe... Hey, this is RF still, with all of its idiosyncrasies, albeit 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1.1GHz, and 1.9GHz. Hmmmmmm... This, in the future, might indicate upon whether I can finally have a QSO on 1296MHz SSB and 1,294.500MHz FM simplex. I certainly paid enough for that band capability.

Yeah, my $0.02 worth right off the bat. If you think EV cars are bad, try diesel locomotives, or any metro rail vehicle that runs off of the 600VDC, 800A, third rail. Those blow away from DC to light of RFI. Oh yeah... Not just them, but ever hear why smart phones don't offer OTA AM, but just FM? Same deal, RFI spectrum-wide. BTW, as if EV didn't cost too much as it is, but if they were to implement RF filtering and shielding, that would just raise-up the cost of them even more so.  https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/headlines/why-are-some-automakers-ditching-am-radio
BTW, SWL'ing 1st lead me to this, so again, I ripped from them.

I'm kind of surprised that you could hear any DX on that FREQ, since 27.025MHz is CB CH6, a.k.a. The Superbowl. (And, it's called that for a reason.) So, good catch on your part.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Trenton Volmet off the air?
« on: July 15, 2022, 0639 UTC »
Oh yeah... I haven't heard them for over a year. I've wondered about that myself. They were a great indication on propagation on that FREQ range. Did Trudeau cut to funding to them as well?

Uh-huh... That's what I'm getting at, a pretty much wide, open, little used, International Shortwave Band. So, when the opportunity presents itself, propagation-wise, may pirates go nuts!  Past hint-hint... The FREQ 26.015MHz has been tried and heard. Why that FREQ? Nothing found listed there, or heard, and CB Outbanders have a better chance of tuning there, on a 5kHz FREQ, than an even 000kHz FREQ. And, it was my understanding that some actually did, 20-some years ago. So, you'll just never know.

Took a bit to find this one in the MD archives, but ironically it was easier to pull their QSL card. https://archive.org/details/solid-rock-radio-srr-dr-love-interview-2-1997-edited   Download, share, air on your stations. Enjoy!!!!  More to come? Hope so...

Well, actually... The last time that I've heard from Fearless Fred was sometime in 2019. Yeah, before all the COVID-19 BS. Hmmmm... In other news??? May have a surprise on what the next station interview might be to upload to Archive.org. Stay tuned!!!!!

After some long time requests for these, finally got around to upload to Archive.org the following interviews:




More to come? As time allows, I hope so. Enjoy!!!

Since my AT&T coverage, as well as any other cell phone carrier, is very marginal, at best, at my home QTH, I bought the WeBoost #470144 Multi-Carrier, Multi-band, Cell Phone Booster. And, It works kind of like a satellite transponder. I am bouncing off of a hill to reach, not the closest, but the most accessible cell tower. If I were to try to do so direct, I'd be going through thick foliage, which sucks at 800MHz and above. However, in-house, I can make cell calls and not depend on hogging more DSL wifi bandwidth with VOIP, like I did with Verizon's Network Extender. So, from nothing, to usable cell signal. What's the caveat??? Wideband RFI from MW to 10MHz! Wipes-out the 75M band, especially. The treatment??? Ground the chassis of the WeBoost's duplexer / amp unit. That, and ferrite clamp both antenna ports and especially that switching 5VDC, 3.5A, power supply. That made 75M, 40M, and the MW Broadcast bands usable, again. So, if you get such a unit, it works as intended, but watch out for that RF hash from hell.   

BTW, here's what I wrote to WeBoost about that, and their response:

"Carrier: AT&T
Description: Came across one big drawback on my WeBoost #470144 Booster, emissions of wide-banded HF Spurs from 1MHz to 10MHz. Fortunately, I have reduced these by up to 70% by grounding the chassis of the WeBoost unit itself and adding ferrite clamps to the power supply cables and both the INDOOR and OUTDOOR Antenna connectors. So, doable.
Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. We will pass this information along to the appropriate department. "

Well, at least it doesn't sound like a blow-off.  https://www.wilsonsignalbooster.com/weboost-470144-home-multiroom-signal-booster.html

With propagation jamming both with F2 and summer "E" skip, you'd think that someone would be using the forgotten 11M International Broadcast Band, 25.670MHz - 26.100MHz. Just 5W and a retuned CB antenna can work wonders on that band. CB Outbanders are kind of dull to listen too, after a while. That band could be done well via mobile as well. Passing thoughts???

MW Loggings / Re: WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia
« on: July 02, 2022, 1920 UTC »
What's weird is that I don't heard them at night in SW WV, nor do I hear them in the daytime winters, when the ground has way better conductivity. I can hear KDKA nightly well, and weak on winter days. So, WWVA is a weird one.   https://radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/finder?sr=Y&s=C&call=wwva&nav=home    Huh... For 50kW, daytime, they really don't have that great of a coverage.

My Minds.com page let me post .JPG PIC's of TEXT, but not upload .PDF's. So, If ya want to Roll-Your-Own-Coupler for AM Carrier-Current, it's certainly doable and some have done it.  https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/876322093051867136/feed   Someday, I want to scan Ernest Wilson's book in its entirety, but for now, I'll footnote those two pages.

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