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The RF Workbench / Re: Help with a Ten Tec RX340? How about LED's?
« on: December 05, 2023, 2023 UTC »
Well, one thing that I have done with older backlit displays is to update them to white LED's, especially the 12VDC ones, with the 1.2k-Ohm resistor built-in. Unless, you are a radio purist, (Which is fine, and want to stick with incandescent wheat bulbs.), White LED's will look nicer, last longer, run about 1/4th the current, and will not add heat to a radio, like light bulbs will. The only thing that you might want to know from Ten Tec is the actual voltage going to the display light bulb. I am suspecting 12VDC, but I could be wrong. That said, any decent tech can get in there and put a voltmeter to the terminals and physically measure that, to confirm. Then, go from there. To modify the mount, to host an LED, you can use hot-melt glue, since cool-running LED's will allow you to do so. Again, this is a suggestion that I would do, since I like the 21st Century advantage of LED's as lights in radios. However, you may consider other-wise. Thanks!!!!

Well, for me, my Part 15 AM stations have the extra wide-band audio to flaunt and enjoy, music-wise. That, and the local LPFM station real digs the extra, permissible, coverage in this dead-spot of their, that I live in. It certainly doesn't cost anything extra to do so, once you have a reliable terrestrial, or on-line stream, link. Not new either, since I've done that with College station WSBU 88.3FM, and freaked them out that I was able to listen to them at 40 miles away, let alone, rebroadcast them. That, was the early and mid-1980's. Ahhhhhhhhh... Good times...   https://www.radio-locator.com/cgi-bin/finder?call=wsbu&x=0&y=0&sr=Y&s=C

Thursday afternoon, 11/30/2023, I was again hearing chatter on that VHF Licensed DOT Colored FREQ of 151.625MHz, over a scanner. Usually, it's the tower workers using that to communication when climbing that American Tower, 600ft TV tower, that's 1 mile North of me. However, I was hearing a +1 sec repeater tail on this, this time. A portable / mobile flat-pack repeater? Must have been, since I didn't hear that the next day. That, and I was getting ready for work Thursday afternoon. That, was different.

https://www.radioworld.com/tech-and-gear/tech-tips/what-to-know-about-three-terminal-voltage-regulators    Boomer, FWR me this link. Always, good INFO to know. I use those LM???? Voltage Regulators a lot.

A passing contemplation, but being near Chi-town, there's got to be a High School vocational electronics class, or even electronics college curriculum out near you. With the stupid high price of shipping such a receiver, like that Ten Tec, a suggestion would be to go to a principal, or a school Dean, and ask if you could present what you want done by students, and have them get a grade upon doing that project. That's what was done in New York State's BOCES, and later SUNY College, where folks could submit items for repair, students would get graded on the work, and the submitting person would only pay for parts, and not the labor. That's, what I did in High School, then College. And, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than shipping that Ten Tec. Good luck to you.

https://swling.com/blog/2023/11/multiple-cmes-and-almost-x-class-flare-incoming/   Uh... Figures... I have someone, out by Spokane, WA, wanting to have a sched with me on 10M. Well, probably not this weekend. Then again, listen for buzzy sounding QSO's of Aurora on 10M and espscially 6M.

Keeping one of those Midland FRS / GMRS bubble-pack HT's as a continuous scanner, I was hearing a fast ID on CH16, or 462.575MHz GMRS FREQ. This super cold-snap really must have brought foliage absorption to nil, since I hear the WRDM641+/R, Eastside System 641, GMRS repeater. I got more INFO by logging back on to MY-GMRS page at   https://www.mygmrs.com/   I've sent a repeater-access request, and we'll see if I get one. I've also sent INFO on my GMRS machine to them as well. So, neat catch, from my worst RF direction at +20 miles away. NEAT!!!!
UPDATE 12/5/2023 : I've got permission to access that GMRS repeater, and plan to hit that after work, tonight. I've had to reprogram a commercial Icom IC-F6160 UHF rig, and tested the match on a Laird 1/2-wave UHF MAG Mount. Should be neat!
UPDATE 12/8/2023 : Did it!!! I actually tripped the GMRS repeater from the work QTH, then drove closer to it, where I caught-up with the owner, Charles, still at his work place, but with an HT. I pulled-in a parking lot to be between him, and his operating-at-his-home GMRS repeater, just 20ft AGL. So, did Simplex and through his repeater. Unfortunately, the weather really sucked, and a hard rain came down. Charles, had to catch a bus, and I wanted to get back home at stupid o'clock. Still, neat to QSO on a GMRS repeater for the 1st time since 2010.

I already have the MFJ-259D ANT Analyzer, and I can vow that it's very useful for, not just the 222MHz Amateur Band, but the Medium Wave Broadcast Band, for looking at the input of Part 15 AM Carrier-Current Couplers and Part 15 3-meter compliant radiator antennas. So, at the price that is being asked for on that MFJ-259C, well worth it, for a useful piece of measuring gear.

So, has anyone heard any Part 15 Christmas Display stations on-air yet? The usual dude, about a mile away from me, doesn't have his FM station up, yet. And, definitely Part 15. Five houses away, ya lose it.

UPDATE 11/28/2023 :  Actually, that dude that does the fully all-out X-mas display about a mile from me, had his FM TX on 101.3FM, STEREO pilot detected, but just dead-air. So, he hasn't put up the huge light display, yet, but the Part 15 FM TX is on. So, he must be getting ready for warmer weather.

UPDATE 1/2/2024:   Well, that dude, that usually does the light-show-blow-out, didn't do it this year, and his Part 15 FM, at 101.3FM, was just dead-air. I don't know if St. Albans, WV did a Part 15 X-mas Music station for their Annual Park Lights display. So, the only Part 15 stuff, of Christmas stuff, was just my AM stations, I guess.

Huh? / An interview with Glenn Hauser?
« on: November 24, 2023, 1925 UTC »
SWL'ing rip. No telling if this includes the 'standard disclaimer'. (Hi-hi...)  https://swling.com/blog/2023/11/an-interview-with-glenn-hauser/#respond

Amateur Radio / Re: 3.916 SANTA NET's?
« on: November 23, 2023, 2015 UTC »
It is always neat to tune-in and hear how they coordinate that to make it all happen.

The RF Workbench / Dipole vs Vertical: Which Antenna is Better?
« on: November 16, 2023, 2009 UTC »
I guess that this can go here.   https://www.onallbands.com/dipole-vs-vertical%EF%BB%BF-which-antenna-is-better/   Tim, K8RRT shared that. Me??? I've done the best of both worlds, Vertical Dipoles.

https://radiojayallen.com/sangean-wr-55-am-fm-table-radio/     Neat!!! Ya know, I do miss those 1970's, and early 80's, analog, high-powered, table radios from Sony, Panasonic, Realistic, and I had one from RCA, that mysteriously just disappeared on me. (Huh???) Not the best DX'ers, but I did like the warm, rockin', audio from those.

Equipment / For those of whom need Ramsey Electronics manuals.
« on: November 15, 2023, 2010 UTC »
Neat find on Archive.org,    https://archive.org/download/ramsey-electronics-manual     Not knowing upon just how long this will be up, you may want to take advantage of this and download as much as possible.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Gone for good? Just, an observation.
« on: November 12, 2023, 1914 UTC »
In this day of on-line Kiwi-SDR's, what appears to be happening is stations go on-air as a test to hear themselves, to see if they are heard from Point "A" to Point "B", to hear upon how well they are doing so. There doesn't appear to be an interest to spend the time to announce some sort of ID, or any interests upon QSL INFO, but the times that UNID's are logged-in can be an indications to the op upon who else is hearing the station. For these ops, that appears to be just enough for them. Just, my take here. 

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