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I don't have for the CT-70, but I was requested for the manual to my CT-125 FREQ Counter. And, that one can be found here.  https://archive.org/details/ramseyct125frequencycountermanual3281989  Now, is that similar to the CT-70? That, I don't know. 

Look around 48MHz for natural gas companies. Dominion was using those FREQ's, since cell phones still won't work in the middle of no where, and they didn't want to shell out for satellite phones.  A 100W Motorola 48MHz SPECTRA and MARA Tracks were able to do +80 miles from mobile to hilltop pump stations.  BTW, Kenwood VHF low-band rig were being phased-in as the Motorolas were getting really old and beat-up. Passing thoughts there. I just wish that I could remember the exact 48MHz FREQ that was the prime one.

Amateur Radio / States' QSO Parties Contests INFO.
« on: June 17, 2022, 1740 UTC »
FWD from K8RRT:   https://www.n3fjp.com/stateqsoparty.html    Apparently, the West Virginia QSO Party is this weekend, 6/18 - 6/19/2022.    https://www.qsl.net/wvsarc/2022-west-virginia-qso.html     HAPPY DX'ing!!!!

SWL'ing rip:   https://swling.com/blog/2022/06/servicing-older-icom-radios/#respond   and   https://hamradio.repair/ 

Makes me glad that I've had Icom service the IC-745 and IC-735 when I did. And, I've had decent luck with Kenwood East, when I wasn't able to do it myself. Yaesu??? Forget it... BTW, I've 1st heard about this guy from doing ribbon cable repairs on Sony ICF-SW100S clamshell portables.  I did the 1st cables swap-out myself in the late 90's, but need to do it, again. This guy claims to do the cover modifications to keep the ribbon cables from severing. So, I'll have to give this dude a try myself on that, since I'd love to get that portable going again.
           Hope that this INFO helps for anyone need rig repairs.

https://progressive-concepts.com/collections/part-15-transmitters/Part-15-Transmitters    Just got the e-mail  and .PDF Catalog from them. At least, they are stepping up Part 15 gear. For the main, general site,   https://progressive-concepts.com/  Huh... In 2010, I paid over $400.00 for my TH5, when it was under Radio Systems, I Am Radio, unit. However, the Hamilton Rangemaster looks like a far better deal today.

Ya know... When you consider that just one of these stations could have sold for $60M in a #1 and #2 rated market, 18 stations for that much sounds like one hell of a deal.

Boomer FWD this to me:    https://www.radioworld.com/news-and-business/business-and-law/npr-hopes-franken-fm-resolution-includes-new-nce-stations          Yeah... I still don't forgive them for being the big killers of the 10W Class "D" FM stations in the 70's. The big problem that I have with this is with NPR behind it. Sure... If they get this, they'll just litter that portion of the 82 - 88MHz Band with all of their translators and maybe full powered stations. Uh-huh...

Equipment / Xiegu's big competition to Icom's IC-705? I'd say.
« on: June 05, 2022, 2008 UTC »
I already have the Xiegu G90, but this looks very intriguing as well.  https://www.radioddity.com/products/xiegu-x6100   Even, as a portable SDR based RX'ing only rig.

Tis that time of year!!! https://www.arrl.org/june-vhf    And, from WV, a couple of WV ops have already worked Europeans and JA's, (Japan.), on 6M. NICE!!! Now if we can just get the pesky T-storms out of the way for that time. BTW, ARRL Field Day, just a couple of weeks from that.       https://www.arrl.org/field-day   

I don't know if this has been kicked around, but supposedly the Talking House transmitter's ATU, (Antenna Tuning Unit.), is an upgrade from the 2009 version that I have. And, I've had that one rockin' since Thanksgiving 2010.    https://www.theradiosource.com/products/infospot.htm   Question is, did they deal with that phantom phasing, that can be heard when putting a receiver in SSB mode? Hmmmm???

Oh yeah!!!! I've always thought that made some nice sense to have a Weather FREQ broadcasting on the AM BC band. Well, if that is indeed a LPB AM-5, unless that took a big lightning hit and fried that, a decent tech shouldn't have too much trouble replacing anything on that transmitter. Even if a new crystal is needed, a DDS oscillator will do very nicely on that. I know this, since a friend of mine is running his AM Carrier-Current station with an AM-5 and a DDS OSC for his selected FREQ. So, far, rock solid for 8 years with him on that. So, can be done.

I do on occasion check this page out, since supposedly our tax $$$$$'s are paying for these, but scroll down and check out how many outages there are as of late, (5/28/2022).   https://www.weather.gov/nwr/outages   Weird... 

It pretty much is that for the AM C-C Coupler, an adjustable, transformer isolating, Medium Wave RF Tuner, for matching very low impedance values. One of the best resources that I have is the 1979 book from Ernest Wilson, (The Panaxis Productions dude.), of Carrier-Current Broadcasting Techniques: The Wired-Wireless. I really need to get that scanned to .PDF. Thanks, for the links! Always good to have Part #15 broadcasting knowledge INFO out there.

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