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 FM mono??? This tells you how tech has changed over the years. 30-some years ago, if you wanted FM mono, you reached over to a switch and flicked-off the STEREO mode. Today, since most, if not all, FM analog tuners, made today just don´t have that option. So, they have to suggest that at the transmitter end? Uh-huh... Don´t you see the irony here?  Damn... I still remember the excitement when Panaxis, then Ramsey FM-10, TX´s, featured FM stereo at the milliwatt level. Even Part #15 FM TX´s, that broadcast less than 100ft TX, in FM stereo. What would be a better article is to tell folks, whom want a MONO feature on an FM radio, is to tell them how to install a switch to GND-out the 19kHz pilot carrier. Instant mono, problem solved...

Heck, the 11M BC Band would even be decent for local coverage, is CB walkies-talkies proved anything. A 1 channel, 100mW, CB HT covered a whole small town and a pretty large camp site. Then, when skip does happen, thar´ ya go. Just sayin´, let us have that spectrum, where every other government, or some other type of organized entity, seems to be abandoning that.

I was able to use the Windom, for once, and not get too much of an earful of lightning crashes. 1st detected the 1720kHz carrier with CW mode, then was able to to hear parts of songs in USB mode. Was able to hear a few notes of Tears For Fears - Shout. No way to get an ID over the S7 noise levels. 

Other / Dead-air in CHU´s 3330kHz, 8/23/2022, 04:38UTC.
« on: August 23, 2022, 1749 UTC »
Strange, but with less lightning crashes trashing HF, I passed the memory channel that I have CHU´s 3330kHz programmed on, only to see that it was dead-air. Nice +S9 signal, but just dead-air. 7850kHz sounded fine. What´s Trudeau doing up there?

Huh? / Re: Let's get serious for a moment.
« on: August 17, 2022, 1727 UTC »
Um... Gettin' back earlier to what Chris mentioned about alligators, wouldn't it be better to eat the alligators? I understand that's some sweet meat there.

In between T-storms, I kicked-on the Xiegu G90 to check if the local HAM dared to venture out on the local 10M chit-chat FREQ of 28.415MHz USB. No, but to my surprise, Sporadic 'E' was very much hopping from TX, OK, AR, and KS, states. So, I broke-in and worked several stations on 10W. I even said "HI" again to a dude that I worked 10M from KS last year. Then, T-storms came back through, and I had to get off-air, but that was a pleasant surprise, at least. I did peak on to the CB FREQ's to see them hopping as well, especially, CH 6, CH 15, CH 28, and the higher LSB CH's 36 - 40. 

https://swling.com/blog/2022/08/noaa-weather-radio-needs-some-serious-upgrades/    I wouldn't mind if my tax $$$$$'s went for that. Question is, will it?

FWD, from K8RRT:   https://www.onallbands.com/solar-cycle-25-update-what-hams-should-know/   Just a slight warning that there's some DX Engineering pitching at the end of this.

Huh? / Album AM's, 846kHz, site and antennas look.
« on: July 30, 2022, 1812 UTC »
Boomer FWD this site to me. He suspected that this dude had seen my AM1620 antenna, with capacitive Tophat. Huh... Who knows, but transmitting on 846kHz, you need as much help as you can get with a short antenna. Still, neat to see how other alternative broadcasts are getting out there.   http://www.albumam.nl/

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