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Shortwave Pirate / Radio 2015 6920 KHz AM 1/1/15 1311+ UTC
« on: January 01, 2015, 1312 UTC »
Nice S9 signal on 6920 KHz. Love is a Stranger by the Eurythmics. Radio 2015 ID by computer voice at 1314 UTC.

Uncle Bob is up on 6925 KHz AM with a lot to say about life, beer, other stuff. S8 signal. Announcer is southern accented. Self-ID'd later as Sycko.

Shortwave Pirate / Indira Calling 6880 KHz AM 1510 UTC+
« on: December 25, 2014, 1511 UTC »
Just signed on apparently. Good S9 signal. Live music set by Beach Boys? Thanks to ByteBORG for the ID.

Shortwave Pirate / Happy Hannukah Radio 6875 KHz AM 2348 UTC+ 12/23
« on: December 23, 2014, 2349 UTC »
HHR is up on 6875 KHz AM. Nice S9+10 signal.

Shortwave Pirate / Happy Hanukkah Radio 6876 AM 0012+ 12/23/14
« on: December 23, 2014, 0013 UTC »
HHR back on 6876 KHz. Sounds like a repeat of a show from this year or the year past, I'm not sure. S9+10 in the Boston burbs.

Broadcast Announcements / Beer Radio
« on: December 21, 2014, 1842 UTC »
You might hear it. You might not.

Shortwave Pirate / Channel Z 6925.1 AM 1434z 12/21/14
« on: December 21, 2014, 1435 UTC »
Just signed on. Great S9+10 signal.

Shortwave Pirate / Channel Z 6925 KHz AM 1425 UTC 11/22
« on: November 22, 2014, 1450 UTC »
I have Channel Z on 6925 KHz AM at 1449z playing U2's "I Will Follow" and then into Nirvana at 1449 UTC. Signal is only fair, maybe S5 on peaks. Mention of a test transmission and then closing down with the Sex Pistols at 1506 UTC.
Sign on was 1425z as per the SDR recording.

RFW at sign-on with Dick Weed and company. Nice S9 signal but some peskie interference.

Thanks to Dimbulb for the tip and ID. Radio Experience on 6240 KHz AM. Eclectic mix of music. "A Horse with No Name" at 2347 UTC. Good S8 signal.

There have been several posts here over the last few weeks about the recent raids in the Boston area, but I came across this article which I hadn't seen before. It gives some pretty good insight into how these stations serve certain communities. There's even a picture of a seized transmitter. The transmitter looks like one of the Veronica designs from about 15 years ago or so.

BROCKTON – For thousands of Brockton residents, tuning in to a pirate radio station is a connecting them to home.


Touch 106.1 FM has openly flaunted the FCC for years, and had a huge audience. Yesterday they had all of their gear seized in a raid by US Marshals. I thought I heard there may have been a couple of other FM busts in Boston yesterday, but haven't found that information yet.

There is some video footage of the bust here:


"Fire up a shortwave radio and you won’t hear Beyonce or Britney, because these bandwidths are rarely used to transmit the hits. Favored by spies, radio hams and secretive political groups, the transmissions in the shortwave frequencies tend to be resolutely noncommercial, not to mention unmusical. But Russell Hoffman, an engineer from Pittsburgh who runs a firm called Evaton Technologies, doesn’t agree. He is just about to release the world’s first instrument designed to allow adventurous musicians to add the odd and often eerie sound of shortwave radio to their aural palette. To Hoffman and his fellow explorers,  music doesn’t just have to be about vibrating strings."

Read the entire story:


General Radio Discussion / Pirates Take Over WBGO Radio
« on: March 28, 2014, 1040 UTC »

"Commercial free, jazz radio station, WBGO has been attacked by pirates. Their broadcast signal has been over ridden by a rogue unlicensed pirate radio station. Where that signal is coming from, no one seems to know."


Shortwave Pirate / KAOS 6930 KHz USB 2328 UTC 3/22/2014
« on: March 22, 2014, 2329 UTC »
Voice of KAOS on 6930 KHz USB with a nice S9 signal.

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