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Right Said Fred with "I'm too Sexy" at 2157 UTC, weird clips about smoking crack. Some noise but good S8-S9 signal. Into a bizarre Ram Ranch remix at 2258? "Dick Bulger showers in the bathroom at Arby's. Dick Bulger really rocks." Punk mx at 2258. Off after the punk MX.

S9+20 in the Boston burbs; long audio documentary on HIV/AIDS.

Extremely broken audio on Radio 69.

Sounds like an extremely broken transmitter on 6905. Audio not clear in any mode, but bits and pieces heard in virtually every mode  ;D

Major RFI or audio chain issues.

Peter Gabriel at 2141z. S9+20 in the Boston burbs.

Gargantuan +40 signal in the Boston burbs, super wide audio and nice EQ, etc. Dance song in Spanish at 2241z. Awesome!

North American Shortwave Pirate / WREM 6925 USB 1336 UTC 18 FEB 2024
« on: February 18, 2024, 1338 UTC »
"What's the Frequency Kenneth" at 1337z, a WREM ID, and then into (surprise, surprise) more REM. Good S9+ signal in the Boston burbs this morning.

RFW with a rocking S9+30 signal here in the Boston burbs. Playing a request from me via Discord at 2248z: Tractor Rape Chain by GBV! Thanks DJDW!

Great signal here in Spookytown at 2050z.

Very interesting ethnic folk music, sounds very Indian, but has a lot of extra stringed instrument. I'm not a musicologist but I slammed 6 beers earlier! Nice S9 signal in the Boston burbs.

Clear WENO IDs at 0031z and back into female vocal Indian music.

Neat show.

Caught RFW right before sign off at 1358z. Live show with DJDW talking about propagation, live shoutout to me via the HFU Discord! Thanks Dickweed.

Huge signal here in the Boston burbs with a nice mix of 80's and nice sounding DJ.

Excellent signal into the Boston burbs, started with some overdriven audio maybe, but much better now. Thanks RFW!

Listening to RFW on 6950 this morning with my new Hermes Lite 2 SDR. Good signal here though conditions aren't spectacular. Peaking at S9. Thanks for the show Dickweed.

6925 just a shade above S9 with WTF Radio ID at 2318z after Beatles.

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